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Part 26: Vacation Day 2, Part 2: Admit it, you'd all given up hope

Vacation day 2, part 2: Admit it, you'd all given up hope

Hello friends

We're back where we left off. Serum is still causing trouble.

Lotus is abed.

Meme stop it

She finds herself in this pretty big room. With a hedge maze. Sure.


Tent room looks cosy, let's head over there first.

Swipe that thing on the table, I don't know what it is but I bet it's valuable.

She pops this want on her way over there. Can do, Meme!


She doesn't seem impressed either, but mostly I think she's just sleepy.

Take a break.

with a skeleton


...well, whatever.

wait what

I race back to the house to discover...

well, not much has changed. Lotus is still asleep and Serum sure doesn't look like he's been heroic lately.

Oh. I guess that fireman from the other day was bugged out and stuck in the lounge. Didn't even notice. Anyway, he finally unfucked himself.

Lotus arises! At 1PM! A woman after my own heart.

Instead of normal people morning things like breakfast or alcohol, she hurries downstairs to yak with that guy Mao. She's really into him I guess.

She totally ignores his friend Wong though.

Foreigners get their own little icon in the relationship panel. Chinese people get... um... torii? (they're probably paifang but they sure look like torii to me.) French people, like her buddy Margot there, get the Eiffel Tower. Egyptians get a pyramid I think.

He's thinking about her. She's totally into that.

While Wong makes a quick change and a break for the exit, Lotus enquires about his marital status.

All right!

(don't do it Lotus, long-distance romances suck )

I don't even remember when she cooked, but it obviously made an impression on him.


Oh my

Yeah you don't say

"I'm the star! I'm the star! I'm the star!"

He still wants to eat crepes (who doesn't?) so I send him off to find some.

this will never ever not be hilarious

Wait, what's that?

Not the translucent tree, the other things.

Get 'em!

Storytime: when I first played Skyrim I got all excited when I approached a butterfly and was able to catch it. I thought I could have a little butterfly friend, or at least keep it in my pocket for later.

"2 butterfly wings added to inventory"

Psycho "Crane Serum" Fist seems a bit worried too.

Hey Pserum?

You're adorable.

I bet he reacts to butterflies in real life just like this.

A common butterfly, but a rare and valuable reaction.

"I wanna go home "

And yes, he does now have a little butterfly friend. He can donate it to science if he wants, but I think he's gonna hang onto it. We can't name it though or put it in a tank, I hope it'll be okay in his pocket.

He finally makes it to the cafe, a little worried about this weird French food. There's Lotus's pal Margot.

they don't even sell crepes what is this bullshit.

Luckily the influence of the butterfly prevents a Psycho Serum meltdown, so he settles for some ratatouille instead.

This is just kind of nice.

Oh hey Meme how're you doing?

I think she was hungry possibly

The observant among you may have noticed the plate on the wall next to the skeleton. Let's read it.

Anyway here's the full extent of the room. Mazes in games are annoying but in this case they're barely a hindrance. Sims just bumble on through. At worst it adds a few minutes onto their travel time.

Let's loot the shit outta this place.

I guess Bones McGee over there got bored before starving to death.

Look, I feel I should comment on her apparel, but at this point I really don't know what's left to say.

oh good

Another one of these? They could at least mix up the keystones a bit, christ.

Also Bones McGee was a fucking idiot.

Here's a new thing! Relic collections. Generally they're specific types of relic spread out over the three vacation destinations. We can find two Dropa Stones in France, but for the others we'll have to look elsewhere. They don't do anything beyond "look cool" though so honestly I'll probably just sell them.

Also yeah they're pretty valuable

Gonna make a necklace~

Oh hey a hole

Meme's new favourite thing to do


Hey Crane "Psycho Fist" Serum whatcha doing?


France is a good influence on him.

Phantom thought bubble! PSerum's invisible parrot is following us.

more of this

Oh hey could it be our destination??



...oh. Thanks, chest. Thest.

That statisfied her longing for treasure, and immediately afterwards she rolls this. what the hell, Meme?

more adventure gaming woooo

Until finally...



Ah yeah this is definitely our destination.

Not sure there's dragons down here, Meme. Dragons are from China!

Another day, another hole.

...wait, really?

fuck you Gaston

Meme's making out like a bandit here.

...ew, really?

Well, it'll do as a present for Lotus. Or Kirby.

Looting the place opened a secret door!

But Meme's more concerned about her personal hygiene.

You finished?

no i don't think it's gonna be a car. Maybe we can buy one with your adventurin' ca$$$h though.

Oh. OH!

This is another new thing. The Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings turns people into mummies. The Blessed Sarcophagus of Kings turns mummies back into people. The pieces are scattered all over the fucking place and needless to say we will not be reassembling them. Might cheat to buy them though.

real good secret, yeah

Meme is adorably pleased with herself though.

Cool statue

Wait, really, we can just take it?

It's a big giant statue, you'd think it'd be worth more.

Also don't ask where she's storing this stuff.

Stairs!! The exit!!

...oooor not.

Oh there's the exit.

Great job, Tomb Raider! You raided that tomb, and without even killing any endangered species.


Say bye-bye to the tomb, Meme.

Hey what's that


Well okay, one last go on the hole, for old times' sake.

Meme lost a finger by the sounds of it


Worth it.

Having accomplished nothing, Lotus has just gone back to bed.

And Serum arrives home.

This update in no way brought to you by the fact that I have competition now. Which by the way you should all go and read because Volcano Style is hella cool and his (NOT AS GOOD) LP is shaping up to be great. Go do it!