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Part 27: Vacation Day 3: The dregs

Vacation Day 3: The dregs

Boy aren't I spoiling you lately. Meme heads home, it's too late to deliver her treasure now.

While she chows down, that Wong lady seems to be flirting with Lotus's dapper manfriend


Meme's inventory is pretty full. That last gargoyle is the really valuable one she pulled out of a hole.

Let's try this out.

She thinks about it...


Go go go


Overall we made out really well here - sometimes things can end up being worth less than originally estimated, but that didn't happen. A few things were worth a bunch more, nothing as valuable as that gargoyle though.

We also cash in our moneybags. Kaching!

Someone's pleased with herself.

Morning Serum.

The kitchen is vile, of course.

He got up on the wrong side of bed today. That Egyptian guy is still really irritating him.

Don't really blame you, Meme. Stay away.

Well, let's take Gaston back his fucking baseball.

Uh where are you going

Bye then

(Gaston is in his store, which is behind the base camp, but it took me a minute to work out why she wasn't hopping on her Vespa)

Gaston's taking a dump so she has to wait.

She accosts him before he even washes his hands.

Hey Gaston?

fuck you

That's not even enough Visa points to put her to level 1.

This whining bastard is Andre LeFebvre.

Back at the house...

"Your country kind of smells like trash"

"It totally does!! "

Let's see what he's got for us.

Oh. Faaaantastic. Yeah, we can't buy any of this shit with our current visa level.

Gosh you guys are so adorable

You haven't even had any!


this caption brought to you by Pork Lift

Oh, he's so happy, how can I be mad?


PSerum looks a bit put out by that.

thanks game

Meme's shooting the shit with Gaston. Maybe she'll find out if every last inch of him is really covered with hair?

Meme, you have a boyfriend. I know it's been a while since you saw him, but please try to spare his feelings.

I bought a disposable camera for some reason.

Gaston's new name is A French Market.


Heading back to check on the others...

Yeah Wafaa I'm confused too.

He really fucking hates this guy!


what the fuck

Look he hasn't actually done anything to you, apart from stand there and be fat. Maybe PSerum is just a terrible racist.

"I really do have a problem with the fact that you just slapped the shit out of me"

And then... poof, he vanishes into thin air. You can still see the remains of his thought bubble floating there. He's just gone. Guess his vacation ended. Great job EA!

Fuck bookworms, for real.

Go outside.

Back with Meme, she's putting in a long-distance call... everyone's favourite moperator.

Wine's the hot topic again. Maybe she's promising to bring him back a nectary.

Lotus reaches her destination.

This swanky-ass palace.

That's her Chinese friend lurking in the bushes over there, peering through the window. Let's go say hi.

I'm not sure who's creepier, the peeping tom or the stalker.

He's having fun doing it, at least. Mwah!

With his enemy dematerialised, Serum properly introduces himself to Albert. He no longer wants Albert to die, by the way.

wahaha PSerum you're a dick

The conversation ended, somehow. I can't imagine a conversation between Meme and Pork Lift. I think they'd just talk over each other constantly until one of them had better things to do.

Whoa now. Lotus, flirting?!

...Lotus, flirting.

I will never understand this topic of conversation. Gold jellyfish yeah!


She went in for the kill!


A good way to end the vacation.

He's a romantic interest now. We'll have to invite him to visit.

Okay uh say bye bye to Mao now, Lotus.

Bye bye blue kitchen.

Bye bye general store.

Bye bye market square.

Bye bye base camp.

Bye bye France.

The trio are unceremoniously dumped in front of the house.

Hello 19LL!

Hello Kirby!

Hello Rex, hanging out at Mcogre's house!

The trio all have this moodlet. They can't travel again until it goes away in a couple of days.


fuck youuuu

Hang on, where did they all go?

I will junction myself... unto Psycho Serum!

Anyway something went wrong because they all materialised on the other side of town and... inside each other. This game is fucking weird.

She missed him. From his perspective she's been gone about five minutes.

Butterfly goes in birdroom! I'ma let Meme and 19LL have the big bed, so PSerum this is now your room. Don't worry, I'll make sure 19LL washes the bedding.

Name the butterfly, you guys!

It's 11PM, let's crack into a bottle.

To celebrate. Yeah.

I mean Kirby's asleep and Rex isn't here but there's only four glasses anyway, I'm sure they don't mind. Rex is probably straight edge anyway.

It's like they never left!

So you're an expert now, huh?

Welcome home

gg brainamp

PSerum does not have a palate.

He's willing to try and get one, though!

Me too, 19LL. Me too.

Remember to suggest names for Psycho Serum's butterfriend!