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Part 28: Day 19: No one likes us

Day 19: No one likes us

Can't blame him really.

Maymay agrees.

Oh yeah this thing

Brandy?! No no that won't do at all

A much more suitable name for a butterfly. Yeah.

Aw Coulis, they may call you common, but to us you're unique

Meme I can't even imagine a situation in which you'd have to give a presentation, probably don't worry about it.

Generous Rex: absent from both the house and the thread. Come back to us Rex.

Seb looks great today.



Swear to god I'm not making this guy show up all the time. Just loves to be the centre of attention I guess. but we knew that already

Foochs freaks the hell out about the doorbell. I'unno.

This house owns, let's play this house instead

Porks thinks he's an artist.

Best. House.

Seb is looking at Rocketlex with an expression close to... sympathy? Maybe even fondness? Sure as hell ain't picking the kid up though, little guy's shit himself or something ugh fuck that noise

no sympathy here.

Now accepting donations to the Buy Pork Lift A New Shirt fund.

Seb, you are a great father.

No no we don't want to cook the baby, its mom might be mad

Well he is a comedian.

Fuckin' finally!

Good job, Uncle Foochs.

It's like three in the morning at this point. Time to head back.

Pork Lift also makes a break for it.

See ya later, shitlords.

Back at home, 19LL is only just hitting the sack. Sigh.

It's only a matter of minutes before our favourite neurotic bag of nerves arises.

Oh, Kirby.

Oh, Kirby

He's got a day off today! Man, four days a week at $44 an hour. I could go for that.

He celebrates by making breakfast for everyone and then not eating any of it himself.

Yeah we can do that, he only lives down the road.

Sims' dreams are weird.

Oh fuck you Kirby

Go on, get the hell out of here.

After an uneventful journey, he gets right on it. He needs to get fatigued to complete that opportunity he's had for ages.

Thank god it's 8am and the gym is completely empty.

These two are not lucky enough to have a day off, but at least PSerum looks a little more cheerful than usual.

This is the mailman flipping his shit and slamming our bills to the ground.


Dammit wateyad

Serum pops this at work, this can only be good news

ugh stop whining, at least you're not sleeping on the couch

Meme remembers her friend Andre LeFebvre.

" i wanna call andre"

Her tomb raiding loot is scattered around the house now. Not sure what to do with it all.

Kirbs has given up already. There's Quillpaw.

haha look at that stack of plates

Well, 19LL has that opportunity to do, so let's... oh hey, none of the Britgoons are in, for once. McOgre's house is still the cool place to be though.

Pork Lift is jamming in a parking lot next to a dumpster. Good job dude.

Oh, there's Moon. Oh well, it can wait.

This guy is shy or something I guess

Sure is nice that the gym has a fully stocked free refrigerator

Lotsa people supplementing their income today. McOgre at least has a bit of an audience.

Another one of those early-career book-reading things.

Can't wait!

age and wisdom

Kirby hops in the pool, and not a moment too soon, judging by those stink clouds

Waffleman is a supportive father to HelloWinter

Lunchtime? Winetime.

Supersonic Buddha is a terrible father to Zoe.

Here's Quillpaw, not at all appreciating the joys of pregnancy.

Psycho Serum is Psycho Serum. At least he had a nice lunch.

Feeling okay, 19LL?

Questionable content? Low morality threshold? Count me in!

Oh Lotus, you narcissist.

Rex is busy painting... electric brachiosaurus? But he can paint Lotus whenever this gets done.

Chariots! Chariots is here! Not a social visit though - the toilet's clogged. Again. Fucking hell guys what have you been eating

Moon's out of work now, let's go find him.

wait what, McOgre are you having a party without us again?

Serum feels like shit, so he goes out back and has a conversation with his apple tree.

Bless him.

Hey, there's Mr Moon! Looking dashing in his scrubs.

19LL has never met this guy before. Better butter him up a bit before yelling at him about logic.

how does that even come up in an introduction

We've never been to this house before. It's kind of cool. There's Hbomb.

Stegoceras shows up, looking like a librarian. Hbomb heads out to say hi, less than pleased about it.

Moon is going places

Whoa that sure is some body language

Let's do this and get out of here, quick.

Oh. Well that was easy.

It didn't really boost their relationship much, but it's a decent start. About halfway to being friends.

"So, are you as socially inept as me?"


I think we all know the answer to that question

There's no accounting for taste, I guess.

All that gym fretting induced premature labour in Quillpaw. The amount of men in this town is really throwing off the baby ratios.

Speaking of the gym, here's Kirby in the unisex toilets.

And Rex and Meme are conversing, if you can call it that.

Dunno what Lotus thinks she's won. She doesn't look happy about it though.

Hey, where are you going?

Oh, I see. 19LL and Moon decide to crash McOgre's party.

19LL is completely determined to have fun. I dunno what Moon is doing. Also notice that they have actually grouped up. This is a Formal Outing.

Across the road, this is still going on.

Oh thank god someone is actually feeding those babies.

Stegoceras gets a promotion from shamelessly hitting on Hbomb, apparently.

"I am having fun. I am having fun. I am having fun. "

Kirby's been at the gym so long he's all lonely, but he still isn't fatigued argh fuck

Guys come on, can you please stop booing him for five minutes so he can attempt to enjoy his own party

Well with a name like that I can't really blame him.

19LL interrupts the booing to have a go at a conversation.

Oh. Well, good. How many boyfriends has Stegoceras had now?

...well all right, it's pretty cute.

wateyad stares mournfully out to sea.

Later I found him here. Hope he's not planning on jumping.

Calooh callay!

ahaha what the fuck?

Oh. I see how it is.

Well, some of them.

Forgot about this guy.

Don't eat them Lotus, they look a tad green.

Aww. McOgre's Menagerie loses a member. But at least now Seb gets to spend some quality time with his daughter Rarity.

She's making an effort, Rex, try and look interested.


nee naw nee naw stop in the name of the law

at fucking last.