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Part 29: Day 20: Fuckups

Day 20: Fuckups

Recap of the missing screenshots:

-Psycho Serum woke up early, at like 1am, then headed up to the big house up the road at around 3AM and swiped some things. A lamp post, a chair, and a buffet table ()

-The game told me that Serum was being watched when he wasn't. I can only assume ghosts.

-Psycho Serum went fishing in the mansion's pond and caught four minnows. He's got the fishing bug now.

-The mansion turned out to belong to the Goth family. Serum caught sight of his friend Cornelia and rolled a want to see her.

-The worker bees went to work. Kirby spent the day hanging with his co-workers. Serum and Lotus worked on experiments. All three of them are really stinky.

-I looked at relationships and job performance, but that's replaceable.

-A baby boy was born to non-goon parents. I named him Instant Grat.

replacement screenshots by Post Processing

not screenshotted: my game crashed twice and I quit in frustration before finally getting it to co-operate

A second baby of the day, named after someone who is evidently a bit of a Sims fan herself.

So here's how PSerum is doing. He's still on the first step of his career, but inching closer to a promotion.

Kirby's on level 2 and is a bit further off, but actively improving.

Also on level 2, Lotus is neutral. You can get promoted without learning the skills it suggests, it just takes a lot longer, and since Lotus has zero gardening right now...

Of the three lazy housemates, Rex is the least terrible, rising while it's still technically morning.

Ugh. Right. We'll have to go to China for this. Maybe one day.

PSerum prepared pancakes before going on his thievery spree, and apparently he has a bit of a talent for it.

Meme gets up and heads for them too.

Remember she was all about Andre? Let's call him. There's not a lot to do when it comes to foreigners. If they're not already in town, you can invite them to visit, but let's just talk to him for now.

She misses the charming nectaries.

Okay I really do not know what this is, any suggestions?

It's funny because it's true.

Poor Serum is always like this by the end of his workday He is a cop, after all.

there lizard wizard are you happy now

More like Dork Lift

Haha, aww.

The garden's looking a little neglected right now.

Meme has nothing better to do.

She isn't bothered about getting drenched by inconvenient sprinkler turn-on.



19LL swiped one of Serum's apples! He's gonna pay for that.

Rex is talent

let's get this done

Very pretty. Shame about the visible stink lines.

Lotus is pretty certain that she's gonna get a promotion out of this.

wanna see that old lady

More neighbourhood updates

I sent Kirby to talk to the science guys straight after work to finish his fatigue opportunity. They drop $400 into the kitty.

Meme's pockets are stuffed with fruit and veg now, along with the ancient artefacts, the iridium and the Vespa.

Serum has had these fish in his pockets all day, but they're still good.


Tired Reference wouldn't fit.

Hopefully he'll last longer than Fluffy did.

Psycho Serum's getting himself a proper little menagerie here.

Raldan yells at an old lady. Better not let PSerum find out, Raldan.

fuck it dude let's go trollin

Continuing the theme.

He just hammers on the keyboard for a bit, but it cheers him up at least.

This looks like it's gonna be scary.

Here's Serum's stolen loot.

Sticky fingers at work again

Lotus's inventory is packed with wine, and if you look at our family inventory you might see that we have a wine rack in there.

And there it goes. Not very full, but that's quite a lot of wine.

Not this one though.

Lotus can't resist.

Oh, we will.

Honestly I'm surprised it's still liquid.

wait, what?

The game has become convinced that despite not being in the same room or even remotely close to each other, Meme and Lotus are currently interacting and having a great time together.

It goes on for a while.

Serum angrily heads for the alcohol.

Sure. Okay.

I guess... it was good?

What does Psycho Serum think?

No opinion. Too tired.

That must be cold as hell.

Meme's moodlets and relationships. She's a pretty friendy gal

Everyone's writing today.

Rex really only has time for 19LL these days.

He's still obsessed with painting.

Serum's relationships. Still best friends with Aziraphale, friends with his retired boss Cornelia, and - hang on a second

Albert is in town!!

Bonsoir Albert, come hang out!

running out of ideas here

what the fuck, Albert.