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Part 30: Day 21: Style

Day 21: Style

Hello again!

They can?!

Yes absolutely!!

Yes of course!!

My enthusiasm is not waning!!




Hang on, that's right next door. Hell no, we do not live next to a junkyard.

There. Where it belongs. Next to a perfect example of natural beauty.

Is that everything, game?

Hey Serum, check it out, we have a washing machine now!

Hey Rex and Lotus. Nothing new in the lounge yet.

We have new careers! Who's the best person to become a stylist? Who do you think?


Here it is. Fancy.

$182 a week?

Neat. Animes for all.

Her job tab looks a bit different to everyone else's. We'll see how this new career is different to the old ones when she starts tomorrow morning.

Meme is ready to enter the world of work.

Waffleman, why is your wife paying you child support?


G'night Rex.


it begins

What, you've never seen a floordrobe before?

She's all excited, I think. Who can blame her?

Nighttime means sleeping sims and lots of popups:

Go go wateyad! choices

Zoe's one of those creepy toddlers with no hair.


If they get married they'll be the Goonton-Goonsons

Icedude's a jerk.

mods rename dubsteppin to dubsekemotosteppin asap

I know, Serum. I know.

Mr Moon has decided to be a professional writer. This isn't a proper career in that he works from home, but I think he gets paid differently for his books now.

I bought this for Rex: a sculpting stand.

And an inventing table for anyone who might want to use it. We require robits.


Morning dawns. Laundry day!

Ah. Lifestyle choices.

In the machine it goes!

I guess that bottle of detergent I bought is just decorative, he whipped the box out of his ass.

Only takes an hour.

And makes a hellish noise.

Everyone coming downstairs decides they hate the washing machine. You're welcome, guys.

We can't afford a dryer. Also note Meme is still upset about the noise when the thing isn't even going.

Whose clothes are they?

Truly unique. Just like Hbomb.

The clothes make puddles.



Well this is new.

It doesn't actually change how they feel about each other...

...but they both get this moodlet.

Huh. Neat.

A job! A job!!

Meme's work outfit is pretty sweet. The leggings and gloves add a personal touch.

Sink's borked.

Well I think you look fine but sure!

Wow, splashing out huh Mr Spades?

haha no chance

Here he is. Looking fine.

I pop home and...


Aww, yeah

Good luck with that, fella

Meme introduces herself. Six is just keen to get on with the makeover.

These memory popups are awful aren't they.

Uh, seb... I wouldn't.

The Magnificent Marvelous Mad Madame Meme is ready to work her magic.

Well honestly I'm not sure I can improve you

But we'll give it a shot

Tophats are so last year. Fedoras are in. And purple is so your colour.

The rest of you is fine but let's make the trousers darker.

I just don't think you look formal enough.

How's that? You look gorgeous!



No one at all.

Um... I don't know what to say.

Keep going Rex, I think it's getting smaller!

wasn't me

Meme accepts liability by apologising, opening herself up to a lawsuit.

She tries to make him feel better...

but, well.

Really? Well fuck that guy then. Purple hair's too good for him.

Oh hey it's actually looking good

Serum decides he, too, is attracted to Lotus.

Go play around with this new toy, 19LL.


It's lovely

Let's put it in your room where no one else has to look at it

19LL hammers a bit of metal.

Then pokes it with a screwdriver.

Then wrenches it and what the hell are you even trying to accomplish

Is that okay

Is it okay for you to be doing that


We can't afford a new one, fix it yourself.

Poking things with screwdrivers is the activity of the day

I'm not sure I'm okay with where this is going.

I hear a shriek from across the house, and...

Oh my.

Oh dear.

If he gets another shock he will die, so let's not have that happen.

Kirby do you need to go to the hospital

Calm down, have a nice bath, and if you're still horribly burned after that we'll call you a cab.

At work, Meme is working hard.

Someone drops by to pay her a visit!

...but beelines for this weird lady.

Starr Person. Okay.


Focus, Serum. Focus.

Let's fix those dumb tattoos.


You giant baby!

What you guys can't hear is the miserable whimpering he's making.

Look at these coolass tats

Flowers, fish...

Llamas, bunnies...


Hell. Yeah.

It's Fluffy!

Serum you are a badass.

...I said, a badass.

Maybe he doesn't like them?

Or maybe he does. Hard to tell with PSerum.


Another lady assembles a harem.

Oh Kirby really

Right in the bathroom, too.

Hey a table.

Sell it I don't care

Let's do some proper sculpting.

of course

who is this guy

He's at it again, what are you making now?


Bless his cotton socks.

I guess after weeks of the same clothes, clean ones must feel nice.

Meme arrives home from her first day at work. No more jobs popped for her, so she just hung out. Next time I'll just bring her home, she was bored over there.

Yeah, Serum, I know.

This LP is now partially blind! I haven't experimented with this expansion at all before doing this update. Tips and tricks are appreciated, or we'll just carry on bumbling forward, only now it's fun for me as well as you!