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Part 31: Day 22: Junk

Day 22: Junk


Hey gang.

Since it's all the rage now, Rex is gonna become a professional painter. He could also be a sculptor if he wanted, but he's better at painting. He doesn't have any points in any of the greyed-out options.

Huh? Rex, you're outside on your own, you...


19LL is the only male housemate not crushing hardcore on Lotus.

Why are you being helpful, are you feeling okay?


(free from the EA store)

Oh at long last. Jeez maybe music isn't your strongest suit dude?

Getting into the festive spirit??

...guess not.



And then he turned and did that cackling thing about 19LL.


Yes, yes I do

Will do

19LL cracks open a bottle of wine. Lotus isn't interested in joining him, but the Overlord reaches out tendrils to taste.

Careful there.

Uuugh. Don't get your hopes up, little dude. Maybe the next one will be good.

He is obsessed.

Lotus... cooked.

Rex declines, opting instead for a PB&J that could probably walk off the plate of its own accord.

Hey Reference, you okay in there?

Rex's longing stare is a little weird. Lotus must be feeling pretty good about herself right now!

There are clothes on the landing.

This is all looking a little too true-to-life now.

While Coulis peacefully watches, PSerum dreams about... hating baths.

McOgre's house: still party house, even though only half of the actual residents are in. The Trianglehouse has that weird guy over again, he always seems to be there. None of the Britgoons are home, for once. It's 3 in the morning. Wonder where they all are?

The place to be, apparently, is behind the diner. Here's Stegoceras, no longer librarianesque, and Waffleman, cosplaying a mechanic.

Hbomb is also here, following Stegoceras around like a lost puppy. And over there is...

hang on

Goddammit Seb put your baby to bed it is 3 in the fucking morning

also put some trousers on the poor kid.

Rarity, for her part, seems pretty chill.

Another laundry-related moodlet. Hmmm.

Are you sure he didn't just dream it?

5am. Wash the clothes.

Not kidding, he traipsed all around the house picking up dirty clothes, then dumped them all in a heap in the lounge.

Fuck you Kirby.

I bought a dryer.

What?! Noooo!

genuinely a bit sad about that

Kirby you are making a mess.


...lady, whoever you are, you are creepy.

The Smasher observes Kirby's antics.

I send Meme into work, because I wanna play around with the makeover machine more.


Yeah girl, that's a hell of a smize.

Space leggings are all the rage these days. Black Milk baby

Here's the menu for clothing/item modifications. There's a million different patterns and textures you can apply to just about everything. And then you can change the colour scheme. It's pretty great actually.

I was gonna just do her leggings but while checking out the patterns I came across one... special one...


Aw yeah. Dresses like a toddler. Best stylist in town.

She walks into the house, and Kirby...

...yeah, that's understandable.

You are weird Kirbs.

"Kirby "

"Friend "


oh my.

...we'll come back later.

19LL hits the bottle.

So, about crime.

PSerum is convinced he's made a friend in that French guy he met once and invited over (and was turned down).

Hi Lotus. Still beautiful?

Holy moly.

I throw it into his inventory, we'll take it down to the consignment shop probably.

Not bad for a single day's work.

19LL is pretty drunk tbqh

Telescopes + sun = probably bad??

Meme's on the phone.


Serum's got the inventing bug too now.


Sorry Serum but that is shit, please never invent that again

I just like looking at her dress.

In case we could ever forget, we get an eternal reminder of who made that piece of crap llama thing.

"...but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red"

Invent another thing Serum. Oh wait really?

Let's go fix that problem then.

Ahh. Beautiful nature.

Um. Yeugh. Sorry, nature.

Stegoceras is here, potentially contemplating throwing herself into the lake.

In the modest little shack - well look who it is. Hiding from your almost-certainly-furious wife, Seb?

Serum rolls up and introduces himself to Dad of the Year.

Hurry up Serum. Bobbin Threadbare's got his eyes set on our scrap! And we don't want to mess with him!

He has a rummage.

The junkyard's layout makes for some interesting camera angles.


I don't think we've ever actually seen Tarox in person before! Did he come alone?

Hehehehe. Nope. Pfffhehe. It's Dubsteppin and his - heeheehee - wife. Snort.

Wifey shows off her wedding ring to a somewhat uncaring audience.

We met wifey once before: when Serum stole the wowwipop from that baby. Aforementioned baby is McOgre's stepson!

Zoe's gonna have a brother or sister!

It took this popup for me to realise that last update, Wateyad moved in with that lady. SBuddha you might have competition...

Oh Kirby.

A busted old statue catches Serum's eye.

"I shit you not, it wasn't even stealing, this stuff was just lying around for the taking!"

Medusa... victim?

He also swipes all this stuff too, because why not. Maybe he can fix it up.

Fuck you Dubsteppin, maybe Serum wanted those assorted satellite parts!

Back at the house...

Oh Lotus.

Oh Meme.

(I cut this update short because my game was chugging, next one will be longer probably.)

I'm open to giving anyone makeovers, housemates or no! Throw your suggestions at me!