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Part 32: Day 23: Gnomey

curiousTerminal posted:

I apologize for my shitty 3AM doodles

No, this is great!

Day 23: Gnomey


So I did that thing that Mr Moon said and now everyone is an amnesiac. Thanks, Mr Moon!

Meme's angry, Kirby's anxious, and there is trash on the floor. It's like being at university all over again.


Poor Lotus

Serum angrily demands to be taken swimming. I comply.

Hooray! The floorbabies arise!

Seconds later Meis does the same.

We're driving along when I hear music and stop to check it out.

A guitar plays itself while embedded in the ground. Cool, good job game.

Remember when we were here before? Good times.

They grow up so fast

I dunno if he's happy to be here, per se, but...

Lotus is getting lonely.

Rex steps up to the plate!

That is a funny coincidence.

Plenty of fresh meat at Kirby's work

Haha, good.

Gosh, already?

Rex starts hollering and gesticulating at someone.

Someone who has apparently been buried alive

It was Pork Lift, who was also behind the ghost guitar. I ended up resetting him, which sent him home no worse for wear.

Pair of children.

The most successful outing yet!

Nice, dude.

It's 1 in the morning and Meme's shaking her booty to loud pop music.

Best housemate.

Hey, where's 19LL?

I guess we all need our space sometimes. Maybe Meme snores.

That's not very kind at all, Nick!

Oh I see how it is.

How nice for them.


oh yeah Kirby has a job

Oh nooo

Getting a bit cloying there, guys.

Serum tells Lotus all about his meat and two veg.

Rex's job title sounds like something a two-year-old would be good at.

This guy has nothing to do today. I should get him a job probably.

How lovely

The couch is now infinitely preferable to the dining table.

This is a grown adult.

I shuffle Rex off to the consignment store with a painting to put up for sale.

More fucking gnomes!

Here's the place.

Pretty swank.


Rex beelines for the seller.

Whose name is... Cemre? Is that even a name?

Oh hey look who it is. The lovelorn Hbomb and Official Thread Helper Mr Moon!

Plenty of stuff for sale, mostly useless crap. Couple of books, couple of cameras. Nothing exciting this time.

That's cool, hopefully that'll sell.

Job done. Rex decides to be sociable, while Moon saunters off thinking about himself.

Introducing himself pops up several of Hbomb's traits. Them's some good traits.

I gave Rex the Observant lifetime reward, since he's all sociable lately. This lets him learn traits quicker than normal, and is also one of the cheapest rewards.

They bond immediately over a shared love of jokes.

Meanwhile, Moon is being screamed at by PSerum's friend Cornelia.

Quarter's got herself a sugar daddy.

Aww, let's do that.

I think Hbomb realises that Rex hasn't actually read the book.

But a compliment is a compliment.

Back at home...

Lotus's promotion never actually popped. The game lied to me

I buy a drafting table for Meme to help with her fashion stuff. It doesn't actually fit in Rex's room, so ends up outside with the rest of the new items.

Haha even the NPCs realise that Kirby fucking stinks.

Oh Meme.

Kirby's exhausted, stressed and miserable. Let's dance!

I actually really like this But it's worth a decent amount, so we sell it.

It gets Rex like three promotions in one go, since his career progress is solely tied to the money he makes.

He's a way off completing any of these challenges, mind you.

Lotus needs gardening skill for work, so I splash out on a class for her. It'll just give her a couple of skillpoints, just a start.

Hello, stranger!

Serum is in a pretty bad way.

No one is impressed by Kirby's dancing.


Rex is off somewhere else now.

What a nice house!

Jimmy does a thing, I guess.

augh where did that half-naked red-haired baby appear from

I guess she's fine. She's learned how to open doors.

Hey uh just letting you know your baby was outside alone.

"Yeah it's okay, I'm pretty lenient. As long as she's home by midnight."

Lotus finishes her class and goes fishing in the science centre's lake.

Rex's Observant reward helps him get to know Seb a bit.

haha what the fuck.

Sebzilla blatantly plagiarises Hbomb.

Maybe not the best person for that conversation, Meme...

They are cute, though.

Someone works fast.

Awfully cute.

Gratbaby ages up.

I'm surprised he's so calm.

Poor Serum.

Haha while I was messing around in the house, it was Rarity's birthday and we missed it.

Well at least she's wearing clothes now.

Rex says hi and gets all her traits. She doesn't have any of the ones I predicted! Disciplined means she's talented at martial arts.

Haha, Rex is great with kids

Good job McOgre!

Oh great now I feel like a voyeur.