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Part 33: Day 24: Pet Island invades

Hey guys how are you I'm fine

Let's get back to The Sims 3: Ambitions



That's right friends! For my birthday I got a very special present from wonderful goon Jenner! Everyone say thankyou to her right now!

From hereon out we're gonna be playing Sims 3: Pets!

Let's get right down to it and meet our new housemates.

This is what's known in the business as A Good Dog!

His name is Volcano Style and he is a Very Good Boy!

There's an awful lot of breeds of cats! I don't know cat breeds, they're all just cats to me!

I liked this special little girl! She's so pretty!


That's better. So pretty!!

Her name is Anoia! I'm sure that name is not ominous at all!


They get dropped right into the best house in the neighbourhood!

And yes, friends, that number below the difficulty bars? That's how much money they have

Day 24: Pet Island invades

The duo are unceremoniously dumped into our front garden.

Lotus is the only one still up, apart from Rex who is out. She's not in a very good mood right now. Surely cute aminals will cheer her up!

Anoia is upset that she's not the ruler of the house.


Volcano Style has a sniff of Lotus's hand.

And he's okay with it!

Pet interactions have different icons to ones between sims, as you can see!

Oh jesus has it been that long since I updated, well fuck

Pet stuff is under the kid's bedroom tab, for some reason.

Cat corner! Bowl, litter tray, bed. The dog will eat out of that bowl too I guess.

Volcano Style gets a snazzy kennel out front.

Here's The Dog's traits. He's dumb as a rock, but he loves you!

Right now he just really really wants to sniff everyone oh boy oh boy

Anoia is as annoying as you'd expect.

She hates you and everything you stand for.

Volcano Style starts barking.

Rex has a chat with the cat. Volcano Style is barking.



And then he fixed himself and I kind of don't want to play any more but at least you lot will shut up about hellpets.


Awww. The angrycatface above her head is because her aggression is going up. With training pets can lose negative traits like aggressiveness and destructiveness, but that ain't gonna happen here.


Good dog.

Just... stay.

gotta feed 'em I guess

The cat freaks the fuck out when she steps over the threshold.

She's upset about this. And who can blame her.

The Dawg is more chill. Get that tail, boy! Get it!

Goodnight, cat.

Volcano Style, meanwhile, is too dumb to work out that the big house thing in the garden is where he sleeps.

In your dreams, moggy. This is a goonhouse.

Hey Kirby! You'd be my best XCOM sniper if I'd given you Gunslinger instead of Damn Good Ground!!

The dog's just barking miserably at the mess, tail between his legs. Someone really ought'a clean that up.

Oh yeah, we're fucking loaded now.

haha ok good luck with that

Kirby shoots the dawg a treat before he heads off to work.

I always know when Meme wakes up

because she flips her shit over the joy of the morning every single day.

meme you're a great support but you don't kill many aliens, step up your game

also your armour is pink, you are my pink ranger

Cats. Cats never change.

The fucking dog is terrified of the Overlord and with good reason too.

But he musters up the courage to give Meme a sniff.

She isn't very fragrant.

Here's another one who yells and hollers in the morning, only not quite so joyfully.



Yesss the Goonson-Goontons are go

Wittle cutie-pie destroys our newspaper and I don't care


Lotus doesn't care either, but I think that's because she's in a morning-induced trance.

Sadly the little fella makes tracks before anyone can say hi to him

Think very carefully about what you're about to do, Psycho Serum.

19LL tries to help out, but only manages to phase into the washing machine.

Volcano Style works out that food is good... but how do I food?

oh cool

A nice simple opportunity pops for 19LL.

Anoia's awake, and Volcano Style is barking, having still not worked out how to a) sleep or b) food.

Since we're fucking rich now I see no reason not to remodel a bit. Rex gets a little balcony...

...and the kitchen gets embiggened.

Fucking cat


She now gets a hefty bonus to relationship when she meets someone, which is great for making friends.

What do you mean you don't like it?

I think you look great!

This little guy is called the gonk rock, and I thought PSerum might like it to add to his pet collection.

The maid company sent two!

I think 19LL tried to hit on that lady once.

She saunters by him, shooting the Overlord a sly look.

Dog figures out that brown stuff = food.

The maid grabs some soup from our fridge and sits down to chow down. Rude.

And then she thinks about hitting her boss. That's it, you're fired.

Get out.

The male maid walked in on Rex taking a dump. He's fired too.

Ladies, please.

Volcano Style is housebroken, sort of!

Hi Esmeralda

Rex brushes the dawg and awww look at his dopey little face

As a final act of revenge, Meme eats the maid's soup.

Take that.

Anoia tries to destroy the guitar, but no one gives a shit because no one's touched it in weeks.

Another maid shows up. Nice hat, guy.

That'll do it.

He heads to the bookshelf to grab some reading material.


As Rex looks on, the dog destroys a table.

Here's the training thing I was talking about earlier. If we do that enough, eventually Volcano Style might get the non-destructive trait, meaning he won't want to chew on things.

At last, dude, jesus.

Are you a corporal now? Squadsight!

Bad dog, no biscuit.

Whoooa okay you're definitely fired

Good job Foochs!

Awwwwww oh man, new favourite thought bubble.

Sorry dog.

But at least he feels clean.

Mind his teeth, Rexington!

Kirby gets home and shoots off to bed so quick I only screenshot his legs.

Haven't seen much of this guy today. Looking fairly chipper there.



Volcano Style, you're not singing. You're just barking.


Haha I dunno who this guy is but props to him!

Don't be mean PSerum, she doesn't look like garbage

She gives as good as she gets at least.

Think you might've missed the boat on that one dude.

haha what


Aww hooray for wateyad! Thanks for letting me into your LP wateyad!

Rex is getting on really well with the dog!

And off he goes again, dog in pursuit.

I hope this is just how he runs now.

Serum tries to fill that hole in their relationship with earth... with a trowel... ah I give up.

Gross, Rexwell

D'awww. Pets are cute.

Fucking hell, cat.

Fucking hell, dog.