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Part 34: Day 25, part 1: Friends and bad parenting

Day 25, part 1: Friends and bad parenting

Yes dog that is trash. Yes dog that is your fault.

Rex is over here giggling about emeralds. I dunno.

19LL's attempts to get along with the cat aren't going so well.

Volcano Style finally works out where his bed is, and - hey what's that?

Oh gosh

VS rolls this immediately and look at his dumb face! But he has to sleep, so.

19LL beelines for the raccoon, who's just appreciating the view here.

A closer look at the little fella. Just a reskinned cat, but still.

A car pulls up...

...and dumps out Meis, Rocketlex and Sam.

Followed closely by SamuraiFoochs.

Bye Foochs.

Bye kids.

No don't try to pet it you fucking dummy

The raccoon takes the attempted pet quite well and does not give 19LL rabies.

Rex painted this which I actually quite like. It goes on the wall.

Serum's having a little moment.

Just a little one.

I completely forgot Lotus was out here, she's just been standing here for hours. Sorry Lotus.

Meme tries to cheer PSerum up.

It seems to work!


This LP may now contain domestic violence

Well, at least it made him happy.

And then he just starts yelling at her. No wonder you have no friends, Psycho Serum.

and oh my god I cannot deal with you children right now, I'm out



Serum has the worst fucking mood swings.

What did I tell you?

Without missing a beat he rolls this want and goddammit I'm gonna make it happen.

We haven't seen much of that guy lately, I have him take a couple of days off.

Oh Meme, where would we be without you.

Don't you remember what happened last time?

In the bathroom. Real romantic, kids.

Rex is designing some new wallpaper apparently.

Meanwhile, the road dreams of getting away from it all.

Uh. Hey Rocketlex.

Midnight snacks always taste better than normal snacks.

Having gone to bed at like 6pm, Kirby is up and about already. I have him take the day off work too, just because.

Ya know, I don't think Uncle Foochs is looking after these children very well.

Rex sells the wallpaper...

...and gets a "promotion".

Why is the kitchen always busiest

in the middle of the night?

Something is wrong in this image! Can you see it?



The Outside Carton and the dog's pile of trash are gone too. Near as I can tell, the game just decided to wipe them.

RIP Overlord day 1 - day 25


Meme beelines for it.

She gets too close though.

Bambi takes off, leaving Meme hungry and dejected.

Dog status: still dog.


I can't remember where we got this floor hygiene thing from, but it squirts stuff and makes noises whenever someone enters the house now.

I set it to Happy Day Potpourri, because why not.


Oh dear.


Kirby's more worried about his rumbly tummy than the impeding disaster.

Oh, Kirby.

Fires always cause some great faces.

VS is mostly concerned about Psycho Serum, for some reason.

Good job dude.

Kirby mourns the death of the fire.

As for Anoia? No fucks given.

presented without comment

Oh gee, you shouldn't have.

I was wrong about Anoia...

...she's hiding under the sofa.

The fire's out, but the panic still rages.

The counter alone takes up almost all of the insurance grant, but whatever.

This game is full of bugs.

eeeee where is your tail

The fire's put the fear of the Reaper into poor Anoia.

What is it with newspapers?

Anoia's going batshit insane over here.

Scratch is a cat-only need. If they end up like Anoia here, they'll shred newspapers, furniture, anything. Dogs have a Chew need. They replace the hygiene need that human sims have.

I go shopping. First up, an ant farm for Psycho Serum.

To sort Anoia's problem, a cat condo, and a box of toys that both aminals can play with. And what's that blue thing?

oh my god

Pet owners will testify that cats fucking love these things.

This little guy will attract wildlife to our garden, so hopefully we'll see more raccoons, deer and others soon.

Kirby chats up the tailless wonder.

Anoia is pleased.

I think Kirbs sees a little of himself in that weirdass cat.

Good cat.

Meme didn't really get back to sleep after the fire, and she copes just like a normal person.

Dog status: i am dog

oh my goddddd

i love that fish so much