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Part 35: Day 25, part 2: more aminals

Day 25, part 2: more aminals

Volcano Style is impressed by the toy selection.


These guys are so fucking sickly.

Awww! Good dog!

Oh this is interesting. Okay.

Meme, help him out a little.

...when he's done.

Anoia loves the fishy as much as I do.

Meme spends a little while giving VS the gist of hunting. He's as dumb as a sack of rocks, so it takes some time, we'll come back later.

Kirby is hella stoked about... something

What are you doing, cat?

oh. Okay.


Will you guys give it a rest already

Good job, dog! Let's try it out.

Oh, and here's Kirby for good measure.

Dogs can sniff things out. Cats can catch small critters!

He sniffles around...

Got something, boy?

Good dog!

Oh. Well, it's still good for a first try. Now fill in that hole.

Better go spend some quality time at the caravan

Serum made mac and cheese for everyone, how thoughtful!

Don't get any ideas.

yes i am gonna get that fish in as many shots as possible

Hooray, she needs it.

Anoia have you seen the shitters in this house? I wouldn't.

More bonus Kirby

Another housemate manages to make a meal without burning the house down, meme.

You can do better, Quillpaw.

Everyone gets this moodlet for as long as Volcano Style is gnawing on his toy, it's a nice little touch.

Waffleman's doing quite well for himself.

In turning off the stereo, Kirby managed to break it.

As advised, the inventing table now has an attached shower.


Lotus cares way more about PSerum's garden than PSerum.

Dunno if you're a dude or a chick, Veloxyll, but there you go.

Serum has a lot of cat-related anger to take out on innocent lumps of metal.

Kirby's bulking. Yes.

19LL broke the sink and just looks depressed about it.

Go Jimmy!

No one's walked that poor dog yet, get on that Rex.

Serum ran out of scrap so since we're loaded I bought a ton more. Only slightly cheating.

How can you hate that, Psycho Serum?

Surprising no one, Kirby out-eats the town and brings home a cool grand.

Haha, fatty.

Leaving the house, the dog suddenly gets very protective of it.

This is what that door squirty thing does right now, hardly worth it.

Kirby found a swing and is swinging.

Well, I wouldn't wanna stop him.

This guy is having a lonely picnic on the other side of the park.

Still working out that anger.

Lotus has a little breakdown about the broken stereo.

Two hours later Rex has only got to Foochs's house. I send him home because fuck it.

Back to the house and WHOA


noooo look out!


Rex goes to watch the horses.

The baby has a problem with him, but the others aren't too bothered. The dark one is having some kind of power fantasy.

You can only watch one horse at a time, and it builds your relationship. Rex is watching the powertripping dark horse.

When the horse leaves, Rex trails after it.

Eventually the horse approaches...

...but he's still freaked out by Rex, and leaves again.

bye hoers.

Oh. Uh. Well then.

Being electrocuted is like fucking Rogaine, apparently.

The horse vanished, leaving Rex lost in the woods but still determined to watch a damn horse.

Cat status: still cat

Rex is so determined that he takes a taxi to follow the horse.

Dude the thing wants nothing to do with you, go home.

No dogs on the - oh fuck it, no one's cleaned it since we moved in anyway, i'm sure it used to be white

Serum! You do care!

I sympathise.

Rex is good with the aminals