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Part 36: Day 26: 19LettersLong and the Good Day

Day 26: 19LettersLong and the Good Day

Oh. Hello there.

Hi Rex! Still surrounded by animals I see

Um. Hello.

I'm not getting a very nice welcome

On the whole, I probably wouldn't. But she's gonna anyway.

Reference is still kicking! Flipping? Finning? I dunno.

Fishtent is as shocked as you all are to see an update.


Triangle where are you going? And why are you dressed like a mechanic?

19LL can't stand the damn broken radio a moment longer.

Ah. The washingline of puking.

There's a traffic jam in the bathroom that I have to manually fix, fuck you guys.

In the chaos the Dog can get away with just about anything.

Everyone is really, really upset about the broken raGOLDEN JELLYFISH

A startling display of realism: Anoia spontaneously starts chasing a fly.

It's 2:30 in the morning.

serves you right


Guess who?

The perils of otaku parents.

Anoia is super jealous of Volcano Style's sofa.

Look at that fucking cat

I don't know why, but sure.

We have't seen Kirby yet. Here he is.

I pick up a reward for Lotus since she's got a few points and seems to do all the hard work around here.

Uh oh, here it comes.

Let's give her some privacy.


I have no idea how the floor thing manages this and frankly I don't want to know.

I change it to the scientific one which as far as I can tell does absolutely nothing.

Rex got up early to take a dump. I threw him in the shower while he was there.

Meme's bored of her job. Let's see what her other options are.


Definitely not

Best of a bad bunch I suppose

Her only talent is painting and even then she's not very good at it.

Watched by THE SMASHER, she checks the newspaper for more jobs.



This one is like the fashion designer career in that jobs will pop up now and then for Meme to do. We'll see how she copes.

Also, respectable coat!

Serum is sort of the housewife of the family.

Good morning to you too

Aaww, how can I say no to that face?

Kirby wakes from a dream about Volcano Style.

He's in a much better mood than Lotus, so I send him off to EXTREME JOG to a random location.

He's gonna be so fucking smelly.

Yeah, but we don't really have a reason for a party...

The Dog wants lobster. I just want to know what Picasso is creating this time.

Not far off now!

Lotus fed Reference and decided she really likes fish. Probably more than she likes humans.

She's still not feeling too great today...

ahaha yesss! This option came back in one of the expansions!

Not nearly sickly enough.

That's a bit better.

Don't judge, we've all been there.

Hooray, a day off!

Kirby's still a-runnin'.

Lotus forgot to tell poor carpool man that she wasn't coming in. He's sitting outside looking angry and occasionally honking his horn. Sorry buddy.

Asshole bills guy is back too.

Haha, you're on the right track.

An uninteresting update but I just wanted to point out that this is one of the guys Meme re-styled. Great hair!

What's with your eyes?!

I really don't know what you want me to do about it, Serum.

Haha oh wow. We're so fucking cheap.

I replaced it and it sort of... exploded. But at least they'll stop whining now.


Kirby finishes his jog and feels awesome.

Athletic class? Sure why not, treat yourself.

Let's go swimming!



Just can't get over the coffees in this game. Rex is dying of tired so he needs a little pick-me-up.

Hahaha, good luck.

Same old story.


Kirby's starving. So he has lunch alone. Pork Lift is at the theatre, Rarity's in school, Brainamp is at work.

This pair remain at home like the goons they are.


Serum ain't give a fuck. Napping on the dogcouch.

Sure am glad taxis are free in SimVille. We don't have a car after all.

...we don't have a car


Of course it's gonna belong to Serum.

He knows motorbikes so well he can fix them in his sleep!

(no idea what this did but I'll go ahead and assume it's $500 well spent.)

Psycho Serum prefers The Beast.

I think Lotus wants to sneak some alcohol onto the beach.

Go on, leave that sandwich and do what we came here to do.

Good job!

it's coooold

Brave girl, keeping her glasses on. One stray wave and bam! I know from experience

Huh? No! This is a family trip!

Shut up.

You guys are so icky.

Lotus doesn't care. She's swimming.

Ugh jesus christ. FINE

Sorry Lotus...

Hehe, I guess they're pretty cute.




Now THAT'S a rock!

Is that a yes??

It's a yes!!

Realtalk I adore the engagement animation, the hug at the end is just the cutest thing.

What should we do? Private or throw that party Meme wanted?

Uh, looking a bit far out to sea there, lady.

At least she's keen.

Haha fuck you.

They leave Lotus behind

All dressed up with nowhere to go. Check out that strut on 19LL.

No idea who this guy is.

Serum's wanted to call his buddy Albert for ages, and he finally does it.

Meme announces her big news.

Remember when we thought these guys were gonna hook up? Good times.

Volcano Style just wants his own chance at romance

Another party happens without us.

Repeat after me: floor is not toilet

Meme has far less tolerance for dog pants-pissing than 19LL pants-pissing.

19LL tells an uncaring Serum his news.

Never seen this one before. Add it to the pile!

haha no stegoceras what are you doing

"Where'd everyone go?"

Gardening: always a good topic.

Yeah Volcano Style I'm wondering where Rex is too.

Can't believe these kids didn't hook up.