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Part 39: Day 29: Calm Before the Storm

Dual Monarchy posted:

As soon as I saw the caption with the Rains of Castamere I was expecting something terribly drama-riddled to happen.

I was just really proud of the title and wanted to make the reference more obvious

Day 29: Calm Before the Storm

The family portrait is stupid tiny but Lotus is cuddling Paper Lion now

She's suddenly the pet person of the house. Fuck knows where Rex has got to.

Oh there he is. Gross.

"I wonder what it's like to lick a saucepan..."

Anoia cats.

Volcano Style dogs.

Aww, no more wedding dress. Back to normal.

It's the middle of the night and Lizard Wizard is out at a deserted pond alone with his pockets full of cash. Hiding the bodies?

Quarter's out at the junkyard while Jenner and some guy are hanging at a different pond.

Also look at this awesome ghost I found

ObMeiste I found you!! I was really sad to see the lack of camouflage makeup.

Jeez that cat's face is fucked up. No wonder he was in an orphanage.

Marriage changes a man.

Pet ownership changes a man.

This was weird, 19LL bumbled outside to throw away that juicebox, only for the upright trash can to hurl itself to the floor at the sight of him. He sort of stared at it in resignation before picking it up and carrying on.

That cat sure likes bugs.

Papes has a fair way to go before he grows up. I might accelerate the process a bit at some point.

He only has one trait at the moment.

Kirby sleeps well for the first time in forever.

The dog forgot how to food again. He's just staring at it sadly.

Morning Lot- uh, bye Lotus.

Ah. Cookies.

The Meme stare returns.

Yeah, waste not want not.

Meis is already scuffling with the boys.

They were together?!

Serum's got no time for astronauts today. SALAD

Note Kirby's longing stare.

I found this guy in my saved families so installed him I guess.

Not gonna lie, the pets are getting on my last nerve right now.

The dog's hitbox is so big he blocks every avenue he chooses to lie in and can't enter certain rooms because ?? reasons. People are constantly getting stuck in the lounge because the fucking dog is lying there and they can't just step over him or whatever.

The cat is so preoccupied with reacting negatively to all the garbage lying around the house that she forgets to eat or sleep, then expects me to do something about it.

At least Paper Lion is cute.

I'm too mad about animals to comment on this

Kirby is still staring.

Real big spender

You too

I go to the trouble to buy you guys a dishwasher and all you do is complain about the noise. I'll take it away again I swear to god

Never saw an NPC do that before.

Place is looking a little better now that all the plates are gone and Kirby's kindly picked up all the laundry lying around.

fucking christ Kirby

No lie, the biggest pile of laundry I've ever seen in this game.


Yeah that's how I feel about doing the dishes too and I don't even have a dishwasher

Lotus is still Dr fucking Doolittle over here.

Hahaha. Poor dog.

19LL are you okay

We certainly are feeling clean today. Take note of Meme's phone ringing.


I didn't even know things could be that stinky

I cheated a bit to finish Rex's "hang 15 paintings" want and look what I found!

He finally has a non-art-related want!

A... a date?

She just got married... and he knows this...

but then again...

drawn by meme herself

So sure, what the hell, let's date Pork Lift.

Poor Jenner.

Oh, you'll get dressed for Pork Lift but not the rest of us?

Go fuck yourself 19LL

Mememobile, away!

Hey there he is. Where did he want her to meet him?

Hahaha the gym? Pork Lift's never even seen a gym.

Aww Jimmy.

Oh not you too. Christ.

Rex's first Brilliant painting!

I like it.

"I shall name it..."


"Well see where I'm from dishes just get washed, you know?"

Lizard Wizard is the only other goon here, and he looks mournful and hobo-ish. Maybe he lives by that pond.

Too late Meme, we missed the Sunday matinee.


Hooray! A pet for Rarity!

Aha, there's the Pork Lift I know and love.

Kirby follows the thread's lead and awwwwwws at Paper Lion.

Wasn't kidding.

What's with this bathroom lately? No one seems to want to talk anywhere else!

I give up.

This new option appears for Meme, let's find out!

Oh dear. That doesn't bode well. No wonder 19LL's drinking himself into a stupor.

Meme is also apparantly a boy.

Porks booked it off somewhere without warning, they ended up outside City Hall.

At home there is a horse.

Oh for crying out loud.

Rex goes after the horse, Lotus plays alone in the sprinkler.

Horse ain't got time for that.

Meme starts to remember her obligations.

There's no movie, but this could be fun I guess.


Even Paper Lion is getting worried about 19LL.

I sent Serum down the road to catch up with McOgre's lot and this sight greeted me.

The kids are growing up

Hi remember me

At least the writers are earning their keep.

Another one!

Did you forget that PSerum was a kleptomaniac?

I didn't.

Meme's date apparently transmogrified during the concert. She's mad.

Oh no wait there he is, never mind.

What did that guy ever do to you?!

Is Meme's conscience starting to itch?

Hi stegoceras who is your next target?

While she chats it up with Waffleman, Meme upsets Porks.

She's so mean.

Oh well. I think one illicit affair is enough anyway.

Oh good, we really need her to be more annoying.

Serum casually chats with McOgre, hoping she doesn't notice the three lamps stuffed down his pants.



Aww. Well that's actually quite sweet. Guess Meme's in the spare bed tonight!

Rex eats like a fucking pig by the way, snorting and horfing all over the place.

Serum showers whenever he wants, wherever he wants. And no one's gonna tell him otherwise.