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Part 41: Day 31: For Better Or For Worse; Day ???: Epilogue

Aaaaa I can't believe you bumped the thread that was supposed to be my job

Day 31: For Better Or For Worse

Whoa hi. Where were we?

Previously on The Sims 3:

-Rex caught Meme cheating on 19LL
-Lotus hit on Serum
-That's about it

Let's get back to it.

Rex is still so upset about the scandal that he just stares into space. I'm not sure if it's the waffles or him that are stinking up the joint.

Yeah BLAAAAH is right, look at those idiots.

Aw man.

Real romantic there, girl.

Paper Lion is hurt by all of this

Whoa cool

Rex is so excited that he doesn't worry about things like "the wall". 19LL gives not one solitary shit.

This guy is stoked as hell though


He sort of... contorts?

Christ he got thin.


Thank god for that.

All the ruckus has brought the sleepers downstairs. Let me tell you now that this is not a good thing.

This is a good thing though. I can't remember if I showed you guys this but here it is again!

Haha, uh oh


New candidate for my favourite shot of the LP.

"Totes jealous of Lotus right now"



Speaking of romance, this is not a romantic stare Kirby

19LL exercises his god-given right to smooch his beautiful wife...

...and Kirby flips the fuck out.

With 19LL just feet away he strides on over to his secret beloved.

And demands that she break up with her husband.

For him.

With the husband standing just over there.

Hahaha see I knew he'd be - wait hang on

Is she...


Well, shit.

Pretty upset is right.

Rex has his priorities straight.

19LL's relationship panel now looks like this.

Guy is a mess.

Doesn't stop him wanting to patch things up though.

Well this is awkward.

Rex is pretty distraught too all of a sudden.

Enemy sighted.

He strides on up to Kirby and politely waits for his turn to speak.

Oh dear who cares back to the house

19LL fucking lunges for Kirby's throat.

Rex has picked a side and is just so happy

Serum sternly roots for 19LL too.

I think Kirby's coming out on top!

Or maybe it's 19LL!

Nope Kirby's totally got this.


The true face of the warrior


Kirby wins.

Yeah he kicked your ass dude. The guys in the back quickly pretend like they were backing Kirby the whole time.

Rex is just happy no one got hurt.

The dog is worried about them though

Meme is pretty sad about losing 19LL.

...but not that sad.

Oh for crying out loud lady.

At least she's happy.

Meme attempts to calm the furious 19LL.

With limited success.

I love Kirby's quick-change expression in those two shots.

Kirby's like "man I feel so bad for you"

Goddamn I've never seen so many negative moodlets.

This guy though...

What now?


Well I'm not sure how that's going to help anything.

But sure, if it makes you feel better.

This has done a number on Rex. He keeps alternately giggling like a child and bursting into tears.

Psycho Serum thinks he's won.

Meme starts going off about her humiliation. How dare you insult my mother! In front of all our friends!

That went about how I expected.

She seems to think a quick flirty-cheeky joke will patch things up.

It... sort of works? Maybe?

I dunno if Serum is screaming or sneezing.

No longer angry, 19LL bursts into tears.

You guys are fucking shameless.

Haha no shit.

As dawn breaks over SimVille...

19LettersLong walks out of Goonhouse...

...never to return.


Day ???: Epilogue

Lotus never lost her love of books - though the lack of material in the house did lead her to get out more.

Nothing better than curling up with a good book, right?

She also took up fishing, and wasn't at all bothered that she never caught a single fish.

Meme and Kirby, newly free, seemed to have a bright future ahead of them.

Although Kirby was buff and handsome, his neuroses and obsession with fedoras...

...eventually drove them apart.

Devastated, Kirby returned to his window-watching ways.

Eventually he found love again in the form of the neglected cats, who were so desperate for attention they'd let even Kirby pet them.

By the time he turned thirty, he owned eight cats and a goldfish named Fluffy.

Meme, however, found solace - and promises of a tropical vacation - in neighbour Hbomberguy.

But, as usual, she could never stay out of trouble.

Paper Lion remained a fat, cute cat.

Rex was only a notch away from mastering the art of painting. Working on his final masterpiece, however, he found himself bored.

So he found himself a new love, and soon joined a terrible rock band, led by Pork Lift.

He also decided that Serum's chopper was the coolest thing in the world.

It was, he thought, the dawning of a brand-new Rex.

Most things never changed for Psycho Serum.

One day when Meme left waffles in the oven again...

...tragedy finally struck the goonhouse.

Serum died quietly in the ashes of the kitchen.

Death soon showed up...

...and the Ghost of Psycho Serum arose.

To his surprise, Death was laughing.

It was awesome.

Soon afterwards, Psycho Serum quit his job as a cop, and became a stuntman.

As for 19LettersLong, he moved into a house in the heart of SimVille that happened to be an exact replica of McOgre's house.

No one noticed for a few weeks that, in the mess of the breakup, he had taken the dog with him.

Of course, he still saw a lot of his old friends.

And he was always delighted to see them -

For better...

Or for worse.

Rex always maintained that Volcano Style was his dog, and 19LL reluctantly had to agree.

The dog certainly seemed to.

The End?