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Sin & Punishment

by Jacobus Spades

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Original Thread: Sin & Punishment: The weird game with the funny name


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Sin & Punishment: Successor to Earth is an N64 title by Treasure previously released only in Japan, now coming to you from my television! Likened to by many to be the Ikaruga of the N64, this title highlights the strengths of the system in numerous ways, pushing it to the limit in terms of graphics, cinematic presentation, and gameplay. It is a game truely worthy of the title "the Nintendo 64's swansong". It also doesn't make a goddamn lick of sense.

The gameplay can be best described as a cross between Sega's Space Harrier and Nintendo's Star Fox, with the player controlling the character's location in space and aiming recticle independently. Levels take place "on rails", maneuvering betwix various environmental obstacles and defeating enemies while constantly moving towards the goal.

I'll be playing the newly released Virtual Console version for this LP, and you may be on your way to doing the same if you win the contest.

Wait a minute, a contest? That's right, in order to win hearts and bribe my viewership this thread will also be housing a contest where you may end up the proud digiowner of a digicopy of Sin & Punishment for the Virtual Console. And yes, I did blatantly rip off the idea for this from KungFu Jesus. All you need to enter is a Wii with internet access.

To enter the contest, submit to the thread in any form, be it writing, art, singing, dancing, or any self-expressive medium, your Sin and successive Punishment. The contest will last until I post the final video. And upon that feat, I will cast judgement upon ye forum goers and only I may deem who will be the true Successor to this copy of Sin & Punishment.


Opening & Scene 0Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 1-1Gameplay
Scene 1-2Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 1-3Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 2-1Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 2-2Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 2-3Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 3-1Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 3-2Gameplay | Cutscene
Scene 3-3Gameplay | Cutscene

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