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Siren 2

by Egomaniac

Part 1


001 -03:45 Mikami Shu ---- Primary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE
002 -07:00 Itsuki Mamoru - Movie --- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE



A world-famous masterpiece depicting the tragic love of the Mermaid Princess.

A mermaid princess falls in love with a human prince. She makes a deal with a sea-witch to receive human form in exchange for her beautiful voice. In addition, the witch puts a curse on the princess that, should she fail to win the prince's heart, she will be doomed to die.
But without her voice, the princess cannot profess her love to the prince. Soon the prince became engaged to the princess of a neighboring kingdom. On the eve of their wedding, the mermaid princess was informed that she could lift the curse and return to her original form only by killing the prince.
Choosing her love over her life, the next morning she disappeared into the sea in a burst of shimmering bubbles.

(NOTE: Japanese mermaids are quite different from the Hans Christian Anderson version.)

Upon opening her eyes, the mermaid princess discovered that her fins were gone, and in their place were a pair of beautiful white legs. Staring into her lovely eyes, the prince whispered, "What a lovely maiden."
It was love at first sight.


A journalist's recording device.


Company: Advanced Science Research Inc.
Employee No. 00001044
Name: Itsuki Mamoru
Division: "Atlantis" Editorial Dept.

This certifies that the pictured individual is a genuine employee of said company.

In-depth special feature:
The division and multiplication of infinite space!
The mysteries of multiple worlds explained!

(NOTE: Atlantis was the name of the supernatural investigative tabloid found lying around in the first game.)


A pendulum and map of Japan used for dowsing. An "X" has been drawn on the map in red. The term "dowsing" refers to using a pendulum or L-shaped metal rod to find something.