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011 -02:25 Mikami Shu ----- Primary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 21, 23, 24)
012 +00:39 Itsuki Mamoru -- Movie --- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: None)



Both volumes of "Mermaid Tear".
The incredible novel depicting the miracle of a love both ephemeral and everlasting!
By Mikami Shu
From Shingensha Publishing

(NOTE: the publisher's name means "Deep Illusion" or "Massive Hallucination")

A recent photograph of the author, Mikami Shu.

1972: Born
2002: Had his first work published in a literary magazine.
2003: Received the 444th "Garbage Award" for the same work.
2005: Publication of the two-volume novel, "Mermaid Tear".


A tape recorded 29 years ago in the Mikami household.



A bundle of letters addressed to Mikami Ryuhei.

Dear Mikami Ryuhei,

I was shocked and saddened by the news of your wife's untimely passing. I cannot begin to imagine your grief, but I wish to express my heartfelt condolences for your loss. Now I understand the reason why you sold your home in Tokyo and settled on Yamijima. You intend to continue your research near the sea that claimed her life.
Raising young Shu without a mother is likely to be a particularly difficult task. Due to the distance between our homes we will be unlikely to meet aside from the occasional research conference, but please remember that my wife and I will be glad to help you in any way we can.
Once again, my deepest condolences. You will be in our prayers.

Takeuchi Omihito
April 7, 1973 (Showa 48)

(NOTE: If you don't know who Omihito Takeuchi is, check out the first SIREN thread, Archive 026).