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Part 8

This update is the thread's first taste of this aspect of SIREN 2. Essentially, the character plays a stage again with another goal and different, usually more challenging, obstacles. Companions may be added or subtracted, new archives may be available (and old ones unavailable), new locations are likely to be visited, and the number and strength of enemies are sure to increase. The maps may even change and previously inaccessible areas may open up.

The term "Secondary Objective" is somewhat misleading, as these scenarios are the SIREN 2 story canon, and thus tend to contain more clues and reveals. Skipping them is strongly discouraged.

EDIT: Also, I made a mistake in video 016. The canonical romanization of Akiko's workplace is "Yumemi Salon", not "Mumi House", as evidenced by some later archives. The archive items in this update and in the master list have been changed to reflect this.


015 +00:40 Kiyota Akiko - Secondary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 37, 38)
016 -29:04 Kiyota Akiko - Movie ----- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 3, 4)



Sushibon Inc. Hyper-Buddy Series No. 2, "Zoo Bot". Due to the failure of the "Beast Bot", the company's finances had fallen into ruin. This was their attempt to restore financial solvency and get back on top of the market.
With an eye on the growing mania for panda bears at the time, the company decided to change the "Beast Bot" to a panda theme. To that end, they equipped it with panda mannerisms and a voice recording, dubbing it the "Zoo Bot", and pouring their resources into the new toy's production.
The company flooded the air waves with commercials and aggressively promoted the "Zoo Bot", but by that time the panda craze had already died out. Left with a huge inventory, Sushibon Inc. filed for bankruptcy.



Part of the Akebi family, a deciduous creeper.
This is a unique Akebi native only to Yamijima. The fruit is notable for its peculiar bittersweet taste. As ingestion can cause severe diarhhea as well as a number of hallucinogenic effects, caution should be taken when using it in food preparation.

(NOTE: This seems like a good time to mention that the name of "Yamijima" itself is a clue. The three kanji used are "night" "see" and "island" (ya-mi-jima), and those are used in archives and subtitles throughout the game . However, "yami" (with another kanji) also has the meaning "evil" or "dark".


The news program that separates fact from fiction: News Paradox

Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo: Female murder victim found in apartment.



The National Times
August 1, 2005 (Showa 80)
Evening Edition
Woman Beaten to Death, Roommate Sought for Questioning

Around 4pm August 1st, Tagawa Ryuko (18), a waitress, was found dead in her Shinjuku apartment. The victim was apparently struck in the head repeatedly with a blunt object. The manager of the restaurant where she worked went to her apartment to check on Tagawa when she failed to appear for her shift. There he discovered the victim lying in a pool of blood, beaten unrecognizably, along with a suspicious man, prompting the manager to call the police. When officers tried to detain the man for questioning, he escaped custody.
The suspect has been identified as Abe Soji (24) ...[omission]... who had been sharing an apartment with the victim for the past year. Neighbors say that the two were often heard fighting, and that their argument the night before the incident had been particularly noisy.