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Da Gama, August Edition
July 1, 2005

Special Feature: Mikami Shu and "Mermaid Tear".

A "long long interview" with Mikami Shu:
Seven Keys to Reading "Mermaid Tear"

The book that's on everyone's reading list, "Mermaid Tear".
The author, Mikami Shu, talks about his early life and the secret messages hidden in his work.

...My father was an archaeologist. It seems he was so enamored with the island that he and my pregnant mother decided to relocate there. However, Soon after giving birth to me on that island, my mother died at sea... So, it isn't totally incorrect to say "Mermaid Tear" is autobiographical. ...[omission]... I really can't remember it. Apparently, after I was found I couldn't speak for a long time. Until that point I had been able to see normally, so I guess I lost a lot thanks to that event.

Mikami Shu's official website