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Legends of Yamijima
Culture / Customs / History
Yamijima Historical Research Society
Early spring, 1963 (Showa 38)

The History of Yamijima

...Regarding the origin of the name "Yamijima", there are theories suggesting it derives from the terms "The Isle of Hate", "The Isle of the Dead" and even "The Isle of Evil". As these theories suggest, the island has long shunned outsiders.
Given the residents' unusual folklore and customs, there was little mingling with outsiders. However, thanks to the booming gold mining industry, the number of people immigrating from the mainland rose dramatically and brought huge changes to the island.

...The next page is torn out.

(NOTE: The discussion of the name "Yamijima" in this document is actually a parsing of the kanji readings used. The official kanji are "night (ya) 夜 / see (mi) 見 / island (jima) 島", which is not particularly bizarre. The same pronunciation can be achieved using the kanji for the words above: "evil (yami) 闇 / island (jima) 島", for example.)