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Part 27


048 +12:58 Abe Soji ----- Primary -- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 69)
049 -31:59 Tagawa Ryuko - Movie ---- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 2)



A flash photo taken in a dimly-lit room. Abe Soji and Tagawa Ryuko are in the picture. Soji wears a lighthearted smile, in contrast to Ryuko's dark expression.


July 28 (Thu.)
It has been a year since I awoke from my long slumber. This is the way I spend each day. Abe, the staff from the restaurant - all of them have accepted this me here. They are all so kind.
I hope that I can turn my back on the past and continue my life like this.

July 29 (Fri.)
Sometimes, I feel pain as if my body were being torn apart. It's at these times that my memory returns in bits and pieces. It truly is impossible for me to remain here. I feel that my mother hates that I am living this way.

July 30 (Sat.)
Abe hung up on Akiko. He really hates her, and he thinks I share too much with her, but I want Akiko always to be there for me. It must be happier to be in a deep sleep than to be awake.

July 31 (Sun.)
I feel vaguely uneasy. The other me