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Part 33


059 +12:58 Abe Soji ------ Secondary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 70)
060 +14:01 Kiyota Akiko -- Movie ----- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 72, 73)



Please help me!
I'm locked in Sanzu Harbor, Warehouse Three. Whoever finds this letter, please contact the police and my family. My name is Kishida Yuri. The woman who trapped me in here changed into my clothes and left me. She is also using my name and pretending to be me. Don't be fooled by her face! Her true face is



Change your luck with the next move!
Life is one big chess game.
Shogi (Japanese chess) traces its roots through India to Egypt, and is said to have its origins in Atlantis. In the lost city, 20 warriors representing a clan dressed as moving pieces and were manoeuvered on a playing field in a massive coliseum as two opponents engaged in a battle of wits.
Now the power of these ancient Atlantean warriors can be yours! The Golden Ohsho (King) is a unique charm that draws on the powers of El Dorado, infusing the owner with uncanny luck. And now, the Golden Ohsho can be yours!
Get it now and change your luck forever!

Designer: Nobunaga Bonaparte
With a former model for a mother and a foreign ambassador as a father, Nobunaga was raised as a gifted child. Following his achievements as a top model in Paris, he tried his hand at designing. He is now a ten-time winner of the Annual World Luxury Grandprix, and is currently a representative director of the Geeman Ohshu Group.

"I heartly recommend this product." Shogi Fortune-teller Jennifer Miho: "No fortune-telling is complete without the purest materials and perfect gold content. With the Golden Ohsho, my predictions are now 100% accurate. To prove my point, here's a prediction for you: The world will end next year."


Name: Tagawa Ryuko
Date of Birth: November 26, 1986 Sagittarius
Time of Birth: 6:44pm
Place of Birth: Sanzu City, Shikai Region
Past: Split in half. Hardship. Despair.
Present: Awakening. Great change. Arrival of restorer, supporter. A hoodlum?
Future: A great star is on the move in August. Beware!