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Part 34

Some of Ichiko's other comments are "I was so lonely... on the bottom of the sea..."; "My bracelet... Where is it?"; and "Why are we the only ones left?"


061 +14:45 Nagai Yorito ---- Primary --- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 75, 76)
062 +05:54 Yagura Ichiko --- Movie ----- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 61)




The Story Treasure Box
Special Issue 1972, part 2

Strange Phenomena From Around the World

The Stolen Girl
This is a story about what happened in a small village in Japan during the war. There was a young girl who went to the beach to gather some seaweed. But she never returned. The family desperately searched the area. But when they were unable to find her, they gave her up as a victim of the sea.
On the day of the girl's funeral, members of the family gathered at the front door where they heard a loud noise. There, they were shocked to see the missing girl standing outside the door with a blank expression on her face.
As the girl's relieved parents rushed to bring the girl into the house, the girl's elderly grandmother softly whispered, "No. It's not her." With those words, the girl melted away. All that was left behind was the clothes of
the missing girl and a puddle of water.
The grandmother explained that the sea is the home of a monster that steals the appearance of the dead, and that the creature must never be welcomed into the home.
In the village, to this day, victims of drowning are never brought into the home. Instead they are cremated and laid to rest.

(Just who was the girl they saw?!)


A map to an event attended by the final graduates of Yamijima Elementary & Middle School. The location of a time capsule has been marked.
From the turtle's tail, three steps forward, five steps left, two steps right.


I'm sorry, but Mom and I are going to stay home. Please go on to your new post by yourself. It's close to where you grew up, isn't it?
When I think about the past, I realize we were never your priority, and that all that really mattered to you was your work. You'll never be the kind of detective you see on TV. Have you just been trying to look good? In the end you weren't even able to stay where you were.
By the way, Mom collapsed from overwork recently...
I've decided not to go to university and to get a job instead. I'll work hard so that we don't have to rely on you.