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Shikai Gazette
August 3, 1976 Evening Edition
Yamijima - Isle of the Lost
Undersea Cable Cut

At midnight August 2, the undersea cable supplying electric power to the isolated Yamijima island was cut, resulting in an island-wide power outage.
The following morning, a repair crew of Sanzu Electric Power arrived at the island only to find it totally deserted. The crew contacted the prefectural police whose later searches failed to discover a single inhabitant. The police have set up a special task force to investigate the mysterious disappearances of the island residents, and are also investigating whether
there might be a connection between the incident and the severed undersea cable.
A spokesperson for Sanzu Electric Power reported that the undersea cable rests at a maximum depth of 310 meters, a level that would require special equipment and a large number of trained personnel to cut the cable, indicating that the cable could not have been severed by artificial means.

(NOTE: We've seen the word "Sanzu" appear a couple of times - as a harbor and an electric company, for example - so a little background is in order. The two kanji for "sanzu" in this game are "three" and "bottom". However, replacing the second kanji with another also pronounced "zu" gives us the name of the mythical Sanzu River, from Buddhist tradition. (Fans of Shin Megami Tensei may notice the names of some creatures in the article.) Similar to the Styx in Greek mythology, the Sanzu is said to be the river the dead must cross to reach the underworld.)