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Part 45


078 +20:19 Kifune Ikuko ----- Secondary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 88)
079 +21:39 Kifune Ikuko ----- Movie ----- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 89)
080 +22:27 Itsuki Mamoru ---- Primary --- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: None)



Pedagon GW-C99Z Ogo Pogo with 21-160mm super wide angle Tridist zoom lense. Its state-of-the-art "Muse Engine" technology delivers the clearest resolution and the most vivid colors. This ultra-durable, waterproof camera is ideal for the active photographer.

There is a picture taken by Itsuki Mamoru at Sanzu Harbor. Mamoru snapped this photo of himself by holding the camera out in front of him. Behind him the form of a woman wearing a red cardigan and a fisherman with a blank expression on his face can be seen.

(NOTE: The boat behind Mamoru to the left could naturally be assumed to be the S.S. Shooting Star, which delivered the characters to Yamijima. Looking closely, however, we can see the name "S.S. Hanu" written on its tail. The kanji used for "Hanu" are the same two used in "Hanuda" - the name of the village from the first Siren game.)


July 29, 2005
I received permission for my business trip. My first solo assignment will be on Yamijima. I'm too excited to sleep.

August 1, 2005
I had that dream for the first time in a long while. Why do I have to be so worried? I feel like I've been so cold. It must be the stress and tension I've been feeling lately. My assignment has to be a success!

To Itsuki:

I always thought you were different from everyone else, Itsuki. You never ignored me like the others did. But, in the end, you were just like everyone else after all. You thought the mark on my chest was disgusting, didn't you? I feel so hurt.
Thank you for being nice to me up till now.