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by Egomaniac

Part 49

Note that archive 005 plays in the background of video 089. Also note that the boat in the background in video 089 is the S.S. Hanu - the same one as the wreck found in Shiofurihama and in archive 94, picked up by Yorito at +22:59, primary. However, the video clearly takes place in 2005. In addition, the kanji for the S.S. Hanu and the S.S. Shooting Star are eerily similar.


088 +22:27 Itsuki Mamoru ---- Secondary - VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 90)
089 -09:02 Kifune Ikuko ----- Movie ----- VIDDLER / GAMEVEE (Archives: 5)



It is the duty of the Ohta Family to protect Yamijima. All members of the Ohta Family are bound to obey the following rules.
- Do not defile the ancient land.
- Do not allow yourself to be tricked by those who fear the light for they are the tools of the Ancient Ones.
- Guard against the impurity that conceals itself beneath the waves, and never allow women who are with child from setting foot in the sea.
- On the birth of a child, inscribe the infant's name on the Mekkouju.
- Never forget to make use of the Mekkouju at funerals.


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