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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 2: Episode 2-1


Location: Gojaku Peak / Hanuda Mine
Date: August 3rd
Time: 01:18:04
Playable Character: Sam Monroe
Archives Found: 7-8

Matheson College
Professor of Cultural Anthropology
Sam Monroe

A pamphlet Sam made for a course he was planning to teach.
"Canceled" has been stamped on it in big red letters.

Sam Monroe Presents
Sacrificing the Past
A Cultural Anthropology Seminar (CA150S 1 unit)
Time: Tuesdays 7 A.M. (Fall Semester)
Location: Grant Hall Room B5
Seats are still available, but please hurry to avoid missing this chance!

Sam Monroe is Matheson College Department of Anthropology's newest professor. he has previously served as a distinguished lecturer at Pine Grove Community College. He is an expert in the field of Comparative Religion and widely respected by his peers.

A special magnetic tape designed to store footage taken with a digital video camera. Sol brought the partially edited footage on this tape with him to Hanuda Village. There is a label on the side with "Encounters Tape 1" written on it.

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