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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 4: Episode 2-3

Location: Gojaku Peak
Date: August 3rd
Time: 02:03:11
Playable Character: Sam Monroe
Archives Found: 10-11

A daily log kept by an employee of Hanuda Mining Co., Ltd.

Tuesday July 27th, 1976
Starting today, I have been appointed by HQ to work at the Hanuda Mine and to keep a running log of operations. I just finished making my first rounds, and everything appears normal.

Wednesday July 28th, 1976
I have obtained aerial photographs of the surrounding area for geographical reference. Gojaku Peak, where the mine is located, is one of several mountains surrounding a flat, triangular basin.

Thursday July 29th, 1976
There are reports from some of the miners about a foul odor lingering around a certain spot. I went to check the odor for myself, but was unable to smell anything out of the ordinary. In consideration for the safety of the workers, I have sent a full report with their claims to HQ.

Friday July 30th, 1976
I have begun to verify the various mine maps and documents on record. Unfortunately, there are a couple of points where the current maps are off. There is one location in particular which appears to have been filled in and blocked off by dirt, concealing a large, empty chamber. It is not indicated on any of the maps. I have been trying to contact my predecessor about the issue, but have had no luck getting in touch yet.

Saturday July 31st, 1976
After performing my usual sweep of the mines, I came back to the office only to find a scribbled note on top of my desk with the message, "Stay out of this."

Monday August 2nd, 1976
The village office demanded that the miners be let off early today. They would not give me a reason no matter how hard I asked. I even tried directly questioning some of the workers, but they are just as reluctant to tell me anything. It is obvious they are hiding something and refuse to speak to me because I am being viewed as an outsider.

Bella keeps this personal diary with her at all times. The cover has a cartoon drawing of a gothic girl with long black hair. The diary's artwork reflects Bella's unique taste in design.

Ever since Grams went to heaven, I've learned that Daddy's not a very good cook. He tried to make her special meatloaf tonight, but he baked it too long and it was all dry and gross. I'm going to hide the recipe so he can't cook that again.

The other day Daddy brought home an organizer for me to use, but it was way too uncool so I gave it back. He just has no clue when it comes to what I like.

I'm flying to Japan now. Daddy says he wants me to see more of the world, but I know he's just bringing me because he couldn't find anyone to watch me. I'm ten years old. I don't need babysitting! Oh well, at least it's something different. The house is so boring with Grams gone and Daddy always sitting around reading. I don't know much about Japan, but I hope I can meet a samurai when I go there. That would be so cool.

Airplanes are so boring.

The following are found inside the mining office:

Missing File: Update04ExtraA01.jpgWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Hanuda Mining Industry Goals:

1. Safety
2. Results
3. Knowing when to quit

Announcement: Festival to Pray for the Miners' Safety
Saturday & Sunday

Please remember the following:

- Close up and lock all doors
- Unplug equipment after using
- Do not set off the siren except at the start and end of the work day
- Be courteous to others