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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 5: Episode 3-1

Location: Saiga Hospital
Date: August 3rd
Time: 03:09:39
Playable Character: Bella Monroe
Archives Found: 12-14

I forgot to add the title in to the video, but Archives 13 and 14 are acquired automatically after the cutscene in the reception.

I beg of you, please sneak this letter out while the hospital director isn't looking. I don't trust him. Make sure someone outside the village reads it, and whatever you do, you can't let that woman find it. Don't be fooled. She's the one that locked me in here to shut me up. All the proof to back up what I'm telling you is on the enclosed cassette tape.

She's not who she says she is. Please hurry! I'm running out...
(the rest is illegible)

Melissa always wears this locket pendant close to her heart.
Inside is a picture of Bella giving a big smile.

There is also a letter addressed to her daughter.

Dear Bella,

It's Mommy. I'm not sure if Grandma will want you to read this or not, but I'm writing because I miss you so much.
I heard from Daddy that you're doing very well in school, and I'm so proud of you. He said that your favorite subject is art. Did you know that was my favorite subject back when I was a young girl just like you?
I really wish I could be there to see you draw all of your wonderful pictures. Daddy sent me one of your drawings a few days ago. It was so great I took a picture of it on my cell phone so I can see it wherever I go. He also sent me a new picture of you. You're such a beautiful young lady. It's hard to believe you're already ten years old.
I'm so sorry we can't be together. I've missed so much time with you, and there's no way I will ever be able to make that up, but just always remember that Mommy loves you more than anything in this whole world. Make sure you listen to your Daddy and teachers and be a good girl, OK? We'll see each other again someday soon, I promise.


Name: Sol Jackson
Position: Director
Paranormal TV Channel 3333

"A Perfect Plan for Love" by Sol Jackson

A fancy French restaurant. A couple, SOL and MELISSA walk into the lobby. Sol is dressed in a fancy suit, while Melissa is wearing a smart, red dress. Melissa soaks in the fine decor of the restaurant. Sol motions to the DINING HOST standing at the entrance podium.

SOL: "I believe I have a reservation. The name's Jackson. Sol Jackson."
DINING HOST: "Oui, monsieur. Right this way. Your table awaits."

The dining host guides Sol and Melissa to the best table in the restaurant and pulls Melissa's chair out for her.

MELISSA: "This place looks expensive."
SOL: "Nothing's too good for the star of Encounters."

Time passes as Sol and Melissa eat a delicious, fancy French course meal. After dessert, Sol snaps his fingers to grab the attention of violin players waiting near the table. The violin players draw their bows across the strings and play a ROMANTIC MELODY in perfect unison. Melissa is entranced by the violin playing and overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

SOL: "Melissa, it's time I told you how I feel."
MELISSA: "What are you talking about Sol?"
SOL: "I love you."
MELISSA: "Sol. (dramatic pause) I love you too, but I've got a career and a daughter..."
SOL: "(interrupts) We're in love. We can make it work."

Sol grabs a NECKLACE out of his pocket and shows it to Melissa.

SOL: "We were meant for each other. It's fate."

Sol suavely fastens the necklace around Melissa's neck. Melissa's cheeks turn red.

MELISSA: "Oh Sol."


Archive 1 gets pages added to it at key points in the game: