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Part 6: Episode 3-2

Location: Karuwari / Cutfell Way
Date: August 3rd
Time: 05:13:55
Playable Character: Howard Wright
Archives Found: 15-16

A Local Guide to Hanuda Village
Originally Published in 1949

Author: Hideto Mitamura

Visiting Gods and the Faith of Hanuda Village

From ancient times, Hanuda Village was believed to lie on the boundary between our world and another. The visitors from this other place were worshipped as gods and sowed the seeds for the town's religion. The first organized worshipping of these visiting gods is believed to date back to a priestess named Miyako. However, at a certain turning point, the people turned from the old god Miyako worshipped to a new one. It was then that the Mana faith came to exist. The primary tenet of the young religion was a central focus on a god named Kaiko sacrificing himself to save the people of the village. This element points to an outside religious influence, but the details about the possible interaction the villagers may have had with people of other faiths is unknown.
Although the new religion had secured a firm footing in the town, its believers were forced to go underground when powerful leaders in the greater region began to clamp down on religions that were not State-endorsed. Eventually the prohibition on the practice of other religions was lifted. A family of wealthy farmers, the Saiga, put their effort into reviving the faith and succeeded in bringing the Mana religion back to the forefront of village life.

A daily journal faithfully kept by Amana. A scrap of Japanese fabric is delicately wrapped around the book's cover.

July 29th, 1976
Why can't I remember anything? Who am I? No matter how hard I try, I just can't recall my former life. I'm going to keep writing this journal to make sure I can at least hold on to the memories I have now.

July 30th, 1976
I wonder where this village's strange religion comes from. Their god is so completely different from the one I believe in, and I often find myself wondering what the villagers are thinking. Sometimes they terrify me, but they did take me in, and I know deep down that they're good people.

July 31st, 1976
Yesterday, they told me about an ancient village legend. Now I understand why they've been taking such good care of me. They must think I'm the girl with the hair of the sun from the legend.

August 1st, 1976
The villagers said that they'll hold the sacred ceremony tomorrow. They also mentioned Miyako, but how is she involved? They'll be coming for me tomorrow night. I have a very bad feeling about this, and I'm scared.

August 2nd, 1976
The back of my brooch fell off when I dropped it.
I never noticed it before, but on the back there's a strange...