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Siren: Blood Curse

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Part 9: Episode 5-1

Location: Saiga Hospital
Date: August 4th
Time: 00:10:41
Playable Character: Melissa Gale
Archives Found: 20-21

Precautions to take regarding the disposal of the isolation patient's body from the old ward.
-Draft a postmortem report. Cause of death: cardiac arrest.
-Patient's personal possessions to be incinerated.
-Instruct hospital staff on how to deal with potential inquiries from family and friends.

I discovered a set of footprints and other traces of an intruder last night when I dropped by the old ward after work. Obviously I need to reiterate to the staff that the area is to remain off limits.

If the need arises, I may have to deal with the intruder by admitting them as another patient to be kept in isolation.

The tracks left behind appear to be those of a woman and remind me of nurse shoes. I wonder if they're Yukie's? Is she following me?

I have received the seal and documentation officially confirming Miyako's betrothal.

Starting today, we must enter the period of purification in preparation for Kaiko's coming.

I must make sure that a curfew at night is imposed and that any conversations with outsiders be kept to a minimum.

According to the calculations, Miyako's bridesmaid needs to be a 24 year old woman. Yukie?

I must fulfill my responsibility as head of the Saiga household.

Thursday, July 29th
Something's been troubling the doctor lately. He's never been much for conversation, but he looks exhausted now. I've noticed him wander off without saying a word, and I'm worried sick about him.

Friday, July 30th
Dr. Saiga left without saying goodbye again today. I want to find out where he's going, but I just can't work up the courage to ask. I thought we knew each other, but maybe I don't know him as well as I thought.

Doctor, where are you?

Saturday, July 31st
Last night I ended up following Dr. Saiga. I feel like such a fool. He was going to the old ward, probably to do some research. He must have some personal project he's working on and just doesn't want to be disturbed.

Here I am worrying about him when he's just trying to focus on carrying out his experiments. Still, why does he have to be so secretive about it?

Sunday, August 1st
I'm on the day shift tomorrow. Maybe after work I can head over to the old ward. I'll surprise Dr. Saiga with a home-made lunch.

The doctor's adopted mother, the wife of the old hospital director, never seemed like the kind of woman who would fix lunch for him back when he was a child.

I'm the only one who understands him, so I'm the only one he can count on to lift his spirits.

The following is a transcript of Sam Monroe and Seigo Saiga's conversation from the hospital:

Sam: What the hell is that sound? Where's it coming from? That's just great, yet another thing to add to the list of things going wrong today! What is wrong with this village?

Seigo: We should settle in here until morning. I believe those things can see in the dark.

Sam: Damn freaks of nature. Bella, Melissa, where are you two? Please be okay... There's gotta be something I can do. Hey, does that work? Maybe we can use it to call for help.

Seigo: Unfortunately, all means of contact with the outside world have been cut off. We can communicate within the village, but it would be taking a great risk assuming the person on the other end really is a person.

Sam: Damn it! All we can do is sit here and wait to be rescued then. I'm sure the police - or the army - are on their way by now. If all the communication to and from the village has been cut off for a day, surely someone's noticed, right?

Seigo: The area surrounding the village has been completely covered by a red sea; or, perhaps the village has been ripped from the world and placed in a red sea.

Sam: What? What are you talking about? I have no idea what you're saying. Ah, why did I agree to come to this place? I'm so stupid for letting those idiots talk me into this. I hope Melissa's managed to find Bella.

Seigo: I certainly understand your concern. However, leaving the safety of this place is not an option. We really should wait until morning. Or, at the very least, until that siren stops.

Sam: I don't believe it. Ever since I arrived in this place it's been one bad thing after another. That sacrificial ceremony Melissa and Sol saw... I wonder if that has something to do with all this.

Seigo: A sacrificial ceremony? Did you personally witness it?

Sam: No. Bella and I were waiting in the car when it happened. They said that a woman was killed and another girl was about to be murdered, but someone came in and stopped it. Apparently the other girl managed to get away.

Seigo: So you weren't there. I see. That's a relief that you and your daughter didn't have to witness that.

Sam: I never thought cults like that really existed - worshipping some bloodthirsty god. Probably just a group of nutcases who believe in the rumors about this town.

Seigo: What is right and wrong is something each person decides for themself. I'm certain they feel they are doing what is right according to their personal belief. Now what's this about a rumor?

Sam: What, the rumors? Oh, you know, they're the kind of nonsense you hear all the time. Villages being wiped out by some mysterious mass murderer, all the inhabitants of an island disappearing one night, that kind of thing. But then again, this does feel like that, doesn't it? Ha, look at me. Now I'm starting to sound like one of those nutjobs.

Seigo: You're just tired. You should try to get some rest.

Then there's the part at the end of the stage, just as Melissa makes her call:

Sam: What are you doing in this village anyway?

Seigo: Hm? I don't understand what you mean.