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Siren: Blood Curse

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Part 11: Episode 6-1

Location: Gojaku Peak
Date: August 4th
Time: 08:08:08
Playable Character: Howard Wright
Archives Found: 24-26

The scene painted on this scroll represents the tale of when Kaiko, the object of Mana worship, offered up his own body to save the lives of the starving villagers.

It is forbidden to tread upon the sacred ground where this holy act is said to have taken place.

On August 25, 1856, a very tall man fell from the sky and landed near Mount Gojaku in Misumi County.

The giant's bizarre appearance is illustrated in this drawing.

His head was a full 18 inches long and his body was nine feet long.

He attempted to enlighten the villagers with his unique brand of philosophy, but the foul smell that lingered around him was so overwhelming it knocked out anyone that could have been within earshot to hear his teachings.

Lecture Notes
What is syncretism?
-The combination or reconciliation of varying practices & beliefs.

Religious Syncretism:
Example 1) Roman incorporation of Greek deities
-Bacchus = Dionysus
Example 2) Christmas and Saturnalia
Example 3) Western Religion and Native Americans
-Ask students if they can think of any examples.

Encounters, John Titor (Producer)
-Japan location assistance for sacrificial special
-Town of Hanuda
-Sacrifical rituals and unique local religion
-Village lost in 1976

I better mention to him that I can read Japanese, but can't speak it at all. I don't have time to ask, but I'm sure they'll probably have an interpreter anyway.
How did he know me?
-Ask when I get back.

Find babysitter for Bella.
(several names are crossed off)