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Part 13: Episode 7-1

Location: Upper Arato / Shibito Nest
Date: August 4th
Time: 19:11:01
Playable Character: Howard Wright
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8mm film first went on sale in the 1930s and soon became the recording format of choice thanks to its ease of use. It continued to enjoy this success for half a century until the 1980s, when video tapes became popular and 8mm nearly vanished from the market.
However, 8mm film still has many staunch supporters among amateur movie makers because the film stock possesses a certain charm and warmth not possible using tapes. This reel contains what appears to be a Mana religious ceremony filmed by one of its followers.

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Missing File: Update13Extra01.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Great Prophecy

A daruma ("dharma") doll. They are bought at temples in Japan during New Year as talismans of good luck. The holder makes a wish or sets a goal and draws in one of the eyes. When their wish comes true or their goal is achieved, they draw in the other. No one seems to have used this daruma yet.


Refined Sake

A Hanuda license plate. Apparently the village has its own DMV.

A Presence that Penetrates
Ouroboros Beer

Every Tuesday is a day off.
If a national holiday falls on a Tuesday, an alternate day off will be arranged.

Gofukuya Restaurant
The game calls this the "Lucky Triangle" but I can't figure out where the translators got that from. It looks like it's simply called "Lucky's Restaurant".