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Part 14: Episode 7-2

Location: Shibito Nest - The Core
Date: August 4th
Time: 23:24:24
Playable Character: Howard Wright
Archives Found: 29-30

The "Fortune Can" is the result of a product tie-in between the 1976 cartoon "Can-Can the Occult Fighter" and a famous snack maker.

Can-Can is the son of a Shinto priest with the power to see people's former lives and, in this case, the lives of whoever bought a Fortune Can. The product also included a special offer for premium Can-Can toys, putting it on the shopping lists for countless families with young children. Unfortunately, it required people to collect 30 of the gold seals or 300 of the silver seals found in the cans before they could send away for the toys.
Most children never stood a chance of receiving this coveted prize.

"Can-Can the Occult Fighter"
The hero Can-Can was given a special handmade guardian dog as a 10th birthday present from his father, the shrine priest. That same night, a spirit entered the guardian dog, Growlf, and all sorts of mysterious troubles began to plague Can-Can and his girlfriend She-Can.
During the course of each show, Growlf would come trotting in, biting a slip of paper that would help give Can-Can the power to see into people's past lives. This never seemed to have much bearing on solving the supernatural problems the pair faced and each episode usually ended with Can-Can and the bad guys brawling.
The irrelevance of the unique supernatural element to the resolution of the episodes left viewers confused and, eventually, uninterested.
The show was eventually cancelled due to its poor ratings.

"Your Past Life"
Can-Can can see it!
In a past life, you were...
A black hole!

[The contents of the Fortune Can change randomly on different playthroughs:]

"Your Past Life"
Can-Can can see it!
In a past life, you were...
A mom!

The Ouroboros, a powerful symbol for the Mana religion, is painted on this sacred scroll. It is usually depicted as a snake or dragon biting its own tail, forming a circle, and represents cyclicality and the concept of infinity. The name Ouroboros itself means "one who devours his own tail." The beginning and the end are as one with this symbol. The snake destroys itself and renews itself in the same action; giving birth to itself, an endless cycle of creation and annihilation. The Ouroboros will exist forever as it continues this process of self-renewal.

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A bus stop sign. It reads:
Upper Arato
Stop 33