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Part 15: Episode 8-1

Location: Hanuda Mine
Date: August 3rd
Time: 01:28:04
Playable Character: Sol Jackson
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World Mystery Magazine

Crossing the boundaries between the normal and the paranormal in order to expose the truth!

July 1976
Price 490 Yen

Special Features
Travelers leaping back and forth across time
True Story! The Secret of the "Time Travelers"

Shocking News!
330K volts of electricity transforms a slug into a giant monster

Apocalyptic prediction revealed
Raccoons will conquer the Earth by 1999!

Take a peek inside the grave of the Gojaku Giant!

First love sparks spontaneous combustion?
A mysterious affliction ignited by a junior high schooler's passion!

UMA Sighting Report!
Has the infamous Jackalope Man hopped into Japan?

The Bermuda 3 were quadruplets?
Wade into the mystery of the missing fourth child if you dare!

Check out the latest ATLANTIS serial comic
"Tsuchinoko Rider"

Special Feature
Author: Yoichiro Hiramoto
True Story! The Secret of the "Time Travelers"
Travelers leap back and forth across time

What would you do if someone spoke to you, claiming to be from the future? Would your mind be open to the possibility? Most people would just brush the supposed time traveler off and walk away. After all, the only way to verify any stories about the events that take place in the future would be to wait and see whether or not the foretold events came to pass.

The magazine above mentions "UMA" which are a recurring theme throughout the Siren games. It stands for "Unidentified Mystery Animal" and took the form of Tsuchinoko in the original game and the Yamibikarya cat in Siren 2.