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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 16: Episode 8-2

Location: Hirasakai / Saiga Hospital
Date: August 3rd
Time: 03:09:39
Playable Character: Melissa Gale
Archives Found: 32-33

In 1975, American electronics and toymaker JOYLiNK introduced the Network King, an instant hit that soon found its way into the hands of millions of consumers from every walk of life. Trying to capitalize on its success, the next year JOYLiNK released the Ultra Network King, an updated version of the original Network King that generated an unprecedented amount of hype surrounding its release. Its inclusion of a groundbreaking cartridge changing system put it at the forefront of hand-held game systems. However, soldering was required to fix the cartridges in place, making it too much of a hassle for the average consumer. The Ultra flopped.

JOYLiNK was left with a mountain of unsold units they had to bury in an undiscovered location, and the company went under shortly after. The abysmal failure of the Ultra Network King and JOYLiNK sparked a chain reaction of bankruptcies throughout the toy industry. The infamous 1970s toy shock was dubbed the "J.U.N.K. Shock" because of the unfortunate combination of first letters in the name JOYLiNK Ultra Network King.

Friday June 20th
My new name is Seigo Saiga.
They said I'm not Seigo Mitamura anymore.
My new mom and dad never smile or hug me.
They're so scary.

Saturday June 21st
Today is my birthday.
But my mom and dad aren't going to celebrate it.
They won't even make me my favorite pancakes.
My name is different now, so maybe my birthday changed too?
I want to be with my real dad and mom again.

Misumi Daily - Evening Edition
May 30th, 1952

Passenger Car Plummets off a Cliff
A Young Couple Deceased

On May 30th, around 6am, a passenger car being driven on a segment of Highway 333 near the village of Hanuda in Misumi County plunged over the side of a cliff. A man working in the area noticed the vehicle and quickly called for help.

The ambulance and fire crews that arrived on the scene pulled driver Hideto Mitamura (36) and passenger Kumiko Mitamura (29) from the wreckage and transported them to a nearby hospital where they were soon pronounced dead from the severe head trauma inflicted in the crash.

According to police reports, there were no visibility issues at the time on that straight stretch of road nor were there signs of braking. There were reports of thunderstorms in the area, so it is suspected that a sudden clap of thunder may have surprised the driver, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. A full investigation is underway.

Finding Archive 32 opens up a minigame you can access from the title screen. I'll show that off after the main videos are done.