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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 18: Episode 9-2

Location: Harayadori
Date: August 3rd
Time: 12:22:59
Playable Character: Seigo Saiga
Archives Found: 36-37

An old family album that was left behind in the abandoned Mitamura house. Pictures of a young son are pasted inside with captions lovingly hand-written by the mother.

5 months old

Today I rolled over on my own for the first time!

Aunt Saegusa came to play today!
I love it when she gives me a great, big hug!

I had a great time hanging out with cousin Masa today!

Masa stayed over. He's just like a brother to me!

An ancient relic lies buried deep beneath the earth in Gojaku. Known as the Uryen, it is a gift from heaven with the power to swallow the darkness of chaos in holy fire. However, this sacred object may only be wielded by those who have received the power of the chosen one.

This is the paper Sam finds in the cutscene. The page is added to Archive 11 afterwards: