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Part 20: Episode 10-2

Location: Karuwari
Date: August 4th
Time: 10:00:03
Playable Character: Howard Wright
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The Enigmatic American Manbeast
Jackalope Man

The legendary half-man, half-beast, Jackalope Man, is reported to be a large humanoid rabbit with long ears and antlers that emits a strong, foul odor.

This UMA was first discovered in Greybolt County in the 1960s and created quite a stir as reports of sightings and/or smellings flooded in. Starting in the 1970s, sightings of the creature were also beginning to come in from Japan. It was believed to have made its way into the country by stowing away on an ocean freighter. The Japanese reports all indicated that the man-rabbit-antelope creature only had one ear leading to speculation that the variety in Japan is a distinct subspecies from the one living in America.

V Jackalope Man Eye-Witness Sketch
This sketch is based on a 1966 eye-witness report given by Greybolt County housewife, Honey Daimler. The witness reportedly came into close contact with the manbeast, but the shock of the sight and smell soon overwhelmed her, sending her into cardiac arrest. She died soon thereafter. How a dead witness could produce a sketch is one of the many unsolved mysteries surrounding this UMA.

V Encountering Jackalope Man
A group of young men camping in the mountains of Misumi County ran across Jackalope Man in 2005. They tried to capture the creature, but it put up a fierce struggle and managed to get away. The scars left on their faces attest to the power of this normally docile UMA when faced with danger.

*Melissa Gale and the Jackalope Man both come from Greybolt County.