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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 22: Episode 11-2

Location: Upper Arato / Shibito Nest
Date: August 4th
Time: 19:01:07
Playable Character: Howard Wright
Archives Found: 44-45

This portable electronic device converts analog audio to a digital signal that can be stored in internal memory for later playback. Sam kept this with him to record lectures and any observations he had during the course of his field work. It currently stores several audio files that shed light on Sam's actions after getting separated from Sol as well as some of his ideas behind the events taking place in the village.

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A small case containing magnetic tape and covered in what appears to be sticky strawberry jam. The cassette tape was designed to improve upon the previously existing open reel designs used in audio recording. It simplified recording and playback of sound and was quickly adopted by the public at large as the format of choice starting in the 1970s. It maintained this popularity until the 1980s when digital audio formats began to become more popular. Today, it is rare to see these tapes used for anything except by an older generation who feel more comfortable with them.

This cassette tape contains disturbing audio recorded by one of the villagers.

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