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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 23: Episode 12-1

Location: Shibito Nest / The Core
Date: August 5th
Time: 02:14:03
Playable Character: Sam Monroe
Archives Found: 46-47

A printout of an email. The paper is soaked in red water and part of it has been torn off.

(message body)
It's been forever, Howard. I've waited a long time for this moment when I could talk to you again. Every little tick and every little tock of the clock lasts an eternity when waiting for destiny.However, today, I can finally fulfill that destiny because I found your blog. Blogs are in and "" is online.

This summer, you'll hop on your bike and ride off to your own destiny in the lost town of Hanuda. I guarantee this will be the summer to end all summers. What you are about to experience is reserved especially for you. You've been chosen by the Fates, Howard! Can't you hear them? You must heed their call!

Are you feeling a little scared? Maybe you should be.
But I know you'll come. Your damsel in distress awaits.

Sam Monroe

PS: Congrats on the bike license.

Legends of Hanuda Village
Compiled by
The Council for the Preservation and Study of Hanuda Folklore

This book contains many of the various myths and legends that have been orally passed down through the generations in Hanuda Village.

"The Girl who Devoured the Celestial One"

A long time ago, a terrible drought forced the village into a deep famine. A girl with the hair of the sun prayed for help and soon a strange animal descended from the sky. The odd creature possessed the physical qualities of both a fish and an insect.

Upon seeing it, the girl could no longer restrain her hunger. However, the moment she bit into the mysterious being's flesh, the sky grew ominously dark, and a loud, horrible sound echoed throughout the land.

The girl was frightened and begged for forgiveness. She promised to offer up another divine fruit in exchange for the one she had consumed if her life would be spared.

These pages are added to Archive 1 at the end of the last cutscene: