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Siren: Blood Curse

by Egomaniac

Part 24: Episode 12-2

Location: Inferno
Date: August 5th
Time: 03:33:33
Playable Character: Howard Wright
Archives Found: 48-50

A legend regarding the ancient force sealed away by the four sacred spirits of the Mana religion is depicted on this scroll. Four pillars surround the sacred sword, which is ablaze and shining with a brilliant light. Near these pillars are the spirits they represent - man, lion, bull and eagle.


 I must focus. My memories and thoughts are all starting to blur together and fade to black. This may be my last opportunity to set them down in writing before the darkness swallows them entirely.

After plummeting for both an instant and eternity, I finally landed in the true Hanuda Village of 1976. In this reality, Hanuda was buried by a catastrophic landslide. If the Hanuda of the past was buried under a mountain of dirt, what was the village I was in before falling into the void?

Was the ceremony that night the cause of all this? Was it something unique to the location? Or was it the power of some ancient angry god? I don't know and in the end, it doesn't matter. Whatever the cause, the result is that space-time around Hanuda is highly unstable.

1976 and 2007 somehow merged and that kid from my time, Howard, ended up interrupting a sacrificial ceremony that was supposed to occur in the past. The space-time continuum was disrupted and the segment of it we existed in was torn clean from the timeline.

Now like a broken record, time will forever skip to the same beat in an endless loop and we will be forced to relive those events again and again.

However, it's unfair to draw the conclusion that Howard was the cause of it all. After all, Bella was the true cause. My own daughter! She was the one who brought force the call of that terrible Siren into our world.

She fell into the abyss, and like myself, was rejected by space-time much the way an immune system rejects an invader it doesn't recognize. In her case she landed in a Hanuda much earlier in the past. She is the key to the Siren's call. Her actions brought forth that horrible curse and in return she received immortality. She transformed from my innocent little girl into the divine woman from village legend, Amana.

31 summers have come and gone. The summer of August 2007 is once again approaching, and with it, that fateful night.

At this moment, Howard knows nothing of Hanuda and the other me is teaching in America, blissfully ignorant of what is about to occur.

The time to set the chain of events into motion is close at hand. Young Howard is about to receive a very important invitation.

Howard will visit Hanuda, the sacrificial ceremony will be interrupted, and the Siren will beckon for us.

The beginning and the end are fused together. The laws of causality are broken and time marches around in an eternal circle.

No! Everything is going out of focus again. Memories of who I am and who I was are all running together like paints spilled on the frail canvas of my mind. What was I supposed to do again?

I can't lose focus. I must focus!

Bella! Yes! Everything must be repeated so that Bella can live forever. 

 Unidentified Foreign National Found Dead

On August 1st at 3:30pm, a woman taking a walk in Okai Gakuen Park in Senda City happened upon a man lying on the ground. She noticed something was wrong and quickly notified the police.

Senda police officers hurried to the scene and called an ambulance when they noticed the adult foreign male was confused and incoherent.

He was soon taken to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead the same day at 6:33pm.

The unidentified male was in his 50s - 70s, 6 feet tall, and thin with gray hair. He was found wearing a plaid shirt and beige pants. The only other item in his possession was a broken pair of glasses engraved with the letters "S.M."

There are no obvious signs of physical trauma and the police are currently investigating his identity and cause of death. 

A portable electronic device with a headphone jack designed to play music files copied from a computer. With the ever-increasing storage capacities of such devices in recent years, they can hold a large number of songs as well as sport other extra features. The play list for this player is currently set to loop Howard's favorite song.

Click to listen.

*"Kaiko" means silkworm.

*A final page is added to Archive 1 at the end.

The original final page was discovered by Sam inside the Shibito Nest.
It reads:

"Once there was a little girl lost in time.
A nice god made her live happily forever after.
I am the Alpha! I am the Omega!
I am the beginning and the end.
I am the holy meatloaf!"