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Original Thread: (VLP/Guest/OhGodWhy/ WhatWereYouThinking) Let's Play Sküljagger!



Let's Play Sküljagger!
The standard Q and A follows.

What the hell?
Sküljagger! It's a pirate platformer for the SNES! Sword slashing fun!

What the hell is your definition of "fun" then???

You've totally lost it this time.

Let's get this over with. "Blah Blah Blah What"
A very good question! This game saw a limited release on the SNES, due to lack of PR, a 50 page manual, and for getting carried away with the plot and world instead of the gameplay, like so many other games.

"Blah Blah Blah Why"
You always DO ask the right questions. I wanted to show this game to the world... and by "show" I mean "inflict". But I couldn't do it alone. I will be having Guest Commentary on every video! We will see genuine reactions from people seeing this game for the first time! A good time will be had by all... the viewers. Not us, no.

But I liked Sküljagger!
Right. I did too. That's why I'm playing it. You won't hear me badmouth this game once.
...that's what the guest commentators are for.

How do you pronounce Sküljagger?
I'm pretty sure the umlat makes an "oo" sound, and it's presence seems to make the J into a Y. So you could call it Skoolyayger. Or Skulljagger. I don't care either way.

Without further ado, Let's Play Sküljagger!

As always, comments/questions/complaints/acts of violence/hats/cheese/filthy lucre/statements are welcome.

Thanks Teetertopper for this:

AndyAML shows you his business:

Blister reminds us of the face of terror:

Madamluna found the magazine advertisement:


Chapter 1: Test Reel, guest starring Nate Lever!YouTube
Chapter 2: World 1 Part One, guest starring Emalde!YouTube
Chapter 3: World 1 Part Two, guest starring Emalde again!YouTube
Chapter 4: World 2 Part One, guest starring Madamluna and Dominic White!YouTube
Chapter 5: World 2 Part Two, guest starring Proton Jon!YouTube
Chapter 6: World 3 Part One, guest starring and guest playing Proton Jon!YouTube
Chapter 7: World 3 Part Two, end of Proton Jon!YouTube
Chapter 8: World 4 Part One, guest starring Dominic White!YouTube
Chapter 9: World 4 Part Two, guest starring Mr. Lobe!YouTube
Chapter 10: World 5 Part One, guest starring nine people!YouTube
Chapter 11: Bankruptcy of World 5, with nine other people!YouTube
Chapter 12: World 5 Part Three, guest starring Blue Lander!YouTube
Chapter 13: World 6 Part One, guest starring Blue Lander!YouTube
Chapter 14: World 6 Part Two, guest starring Blister!YouTube
Chapter 15: World 7 Part One, guest starring Blister!YouTube
Chapter 16: World 7 Part Two, guest starring Yoru!YouTube
Chapter 17: World 7 Part Three, guest starring Yoru!YouTube
Chapter 18: World 7 Part Four, guest starring Yoru!YouTube
Chapter 19: World 7 Part Five, guest starring Vallhallan!YouTube
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