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Sleeping Dogs

by BigTUnit1

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---Game Description---
Sleeping Dogs is an open world sandbox game set in crime-riddled Hong Kong. If you've played any of these games, you probably know what to expect (for reference, the original title of the game was True Crime: Hong Kong). It's fun to play and to watch, though, as the gameplay is tight and the story and acting are all very strong. The game is also riddled with douches.

The story is such:
You are Wei Shen, a Chinese-American cop who goes undercover in Hong Kong to take down the Triad gang, the Sun On Yee. The plan is for Wei to get in good with the leader douche Winston, all the while whittling down the gang's influence. However Wei walks right into the middle of a civil war, as prince douche Dogeyes has splintered off into his own faction of the Sun On Yee, and even more of the leader douches are vying for the spot of chairman. Wei must skirt the line between his devotion to the Triads and to the police force, all the while doing reprehensible things regardless of the mission. And wearing stupid clothes.

---LP Description---
Since there's so many side missions compared to story missions, Travis will simply do whatever missions he feels like doing at the time of recording. There will be at least one story mission per video, though.


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