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Sly 2: Band of Thieves

by FirstAidKite

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Original Thread: Let's keep pilfering in Sly 2: Band of Thieves! (subtitle VLP)


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Sly 2 is an open-world mission-based jumping-shooting-brawling-bombing-caning-platformer game by Sucker Punch Studios, creators of the overlooked N64 classic Rocket! Robot On Wheels as well as critically acclaimed PS3 title InFamous.

Meet the Gang

Sly is the thief of the group, the sneaky guy who does all of the platforming and reconnaissance. His missions involve acts of thievery such as pickpocketing and ransacking. When playing him, the font color will be blue.

Bentley is the brains of the gang, the man who finds every bit of information necessary to pull off the heists. Bentley's tasks lean towards blowing stuff up, be it internally by hacking or externally via bomb. When playing him, the font color will be green.

The Murray is the brawn of the outfit, willing to brute force through any problem. The majority of his jobs usually involve breaking someone or something, somewhere, in some way, usually with his fists (that are sometimes on fire). When playing him, the font color will be pink.

Why does the font color keep changing?!
Depending on what character I'm controlling I change the font color. This is purely aesthetic and isn't some haphazard attempt at inserting words into the characters' mouths. Don't read too much into the text, just the text itself.



Episode 1: The Black Chateau

Part 1: Recon
Part 2: Bug & Tail
Part 3: Enter Murray
Part 4: Blin!
Part 5: Let's Dance!
Finale: Operation Thunderbeak

Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter

Part 1: Recon
Part 2: Dirty Dancing
Part 3: Choppers
Part 4: Castration Fetish
Part 5: Zero's missions suck
Finale: Operation Hippo Drop

Episode 3: The Predator Awakes

Part 1: Recon
Part 2: A Dune Joke
Part 3: Indian Watermelons
Part 4: The video game version of Gummy Joe's last job
Part 5: There's nothing in the rulebook that says turtles can't shoot up dams with helicopters
Finale: Operation Wet Tiger

Episode 4: Jailbreak!

Part 1: Turtle Recon
Part 2: Let me just use my get out of jail free card...
Part 3: A Skill Never Used Ever Again. Ever.
Part 4: The most fun and most unfun missions
Part 5: Gee what is this alarm clock doing here-OOF!
Part 6: That's no giant attack robot, that's a water tower!
Finale: Operation Trojan Tank

Episode 5: A Tangled Web

Part 2: The bridge is scarier than any ghost
Part 3: Tricking the bridge
Part 4: Wire tappin' my mercenaries
Part 5: There are worse things than a bridge
Finale: Operation High Road

Episode 6: He Who Tames The Iron Horse

Part 1: Canadian Recon (it's actually just ham)
Part 2: Free Murray (because he got hungry)
Part 3: Blowing the hatch
Part 4: Iron Horse #1
Part 5: Turtle Under Fire
Part 6: Iron Horse #2 and bears, oh my!
Finale: Operation Choo-Choo

Episode 7: Menace From The North, Eh?

Part 1: Recon From The North, Eh?
Part 2: Making a receiver array out of teeth (no really)
Part 3: And now crystals magically fly out of my buttocks
Part 4: Gonna split me some lumberjack wood (and that's always good)
Part 5: Deja Vu
Finale: Operation Canada Games

Episode 8: Anatomy For Disaster

Part 1: Rec-oh no
Part 2: Engine #1: Sly & Bentley
Part 3: Engine Room #2: Bentley & Murray
Part 4: Engine Room #3: Murray & Sly
Part 5: Engine Room #4: Sly's Charged TNT Run
Finale: Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Bonus Video 1: Clue Bottle Hunting in The Black Chateau
Bonus Video 2: Murray Job Glitch
Bonus Video 3: Dimitri's Greasy Sweet Remix
Bonus Video 4: Clue Bottle Hunting in A Starry Eyed Encounter (aka "Why clue bottle hunting is terrible in Sly 2")
Bonus Video 5: Collecting some loot in Episode 3
Bonus Video 6: Jean-Bison's Conversation with Arpeggio
Bonus Video 7: Jean-Bison Taunts
Bonus Video 8: Incoming enemy from the rear
Bonus Video 9: Sly Cooper's Bogus Journey
Bonus Video 10: Obtaining the last piece of loot in the game
Bonus Video 11: HEIST
Bonus Video 12: LALA
Bonus Video 13: Sly 2 Commercial
Bonus Video 14: The Making of Sly 2: Band of Thieves (Featuring some weird audio thing?)
Bonus Video 15: Cheats
FANART (by jjac)

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