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Part 30

Bonus Post by Random Hajile

slowbeef posted:

Anyway, I'll include a source image later.

I'll save you the effort:

Bonus Post by Benson Cunningham

Chief of J.U.N.K.E.R. H.Q.

SpazmasterX posted:

Also, thanks for the recap chief, I totally didn't do all those things like, an hour ago.

In case you haven't noticed, Seed has the attention span of a four year old. I felt it best to make sure to restate every thing that might have the slighest importance, so its fresh in his mind before he dashes off to try to pick up women on company time.

Additionally, anytime I give a long speech, I make sure to put on one of the best songs I know of. So no more complaints.

Bonus Post by Random Hajile

Dominic White posted:

I wish I didn't know what he was referencing here.

Still, this at least explains what Random does in his downtime.

Uh... It's research!

The adult entertainment industry is very lightly regulated, you see, making it remarkably easy for a Snatcher to infiltrate... And if a seedy politician can't get a handjob from an adult starlet without fear of a Snatcher attack...

Well, then we've already lost, haven't we? Junker HQ

When we last saw Gillian Seed and Metal Gear, we'd gotten a clue about the Snatcher hospital and a superfluous recap of Act 1 from the Chief. Now that we're talking to Harry...


Harry: I'd never trust those bounty hunters! This isn't the kind of job you do for profit!!
Gillian: But I thought those blasters were the only things that could take out a SNATCHER?
Harry: In theory, that's right. A standard ray gun just isn't strong enough. Still, if you modified a standard ray gun to focus its energy much better, you never know...
Gillian: But that would make it that much harder to hit your target, right?
Harry: That's right. In other words, this Random is one heckuva shot! ...normally, that just doesn't work.


Harry: There's definitely no mistake about Little John's memory. This hospital exists. You can bet your life on that.

Well, if Random's that good, we'd better practice and get just as good!


Metal: Where would you like to go?


Metal: Gillian?
Gillian: What?
Metal: Harry suggested that we check out the hospital using the Jordan system, but... The Jordan system doesn't offer a hospital search function.
Gillian: Really...
Metal: Why don't we ask Napoleon?

Metal's got a good point. But first...


Metal: Interference from the shooting booths prevents use of the videophone here.



Let's call Jamie!

Gillian: Sorry about that. I mean, being on duty and all...


Gillian: Jamie, the other day I asked you if you had been to Alton Plaza, right?
Jamie: Yes.
Gillian: And you said you had never been there...
Jamie: That's right.


Gillian: Jamie, that message on your answering machine... Wasn't that going a bit too far?
Jamie: Did I scare ya'?
Gillian: You bet you did!
Jamie: Were you worried?
Gillian: [pause] Yes, I was worried.
Jamie: How worried?
Gillian: How worried? Well, really worried, you know...
Jamie: Good...
Gillian: Would you cut the jokes like that... If the SNATCHERS ever actually got their hands on you, I'd... I don't even want to think about it as a joke.
Jamie: Okay, Gillian.



Gillian: It was nice talking to you Jamie. Bye for now...
Jamie: If I find anything out about the hospital, I'll give you a call.
Gillian: Thanks. I really need your help on this one.
Jamie: See you later, Gillian. Bye!

Sorry it's short, but my laptop battery is dying. Coming up next:

Time to confront the Chief about this whole Jamie thing!

Bonus Post by Benson Cunningham

Chief of J.U.N.K.E.R. H.Q.

slowbeef posted:

Time to confront the Chief about this whole Jamie thing!

Really, Seed, I have no idea what you're on about with all this. Wouldn't your time be better spent proceeding to look for the Snatcher hospital? I can assure you, I am completely beyond reproach.


Jeff Lupetin, who does the voice of Gillian Seed - and a damn good job in my opinion - was also the voice of a Snatcher we'll see later. He only did video game voice acting work for this, Septerra Core (whatever that is) as Lobo, and a Technician/Scientist in Red Faction. You can see his website at:

Jim Parks, who does the voice of Random Hajile also voices Napoleon, Jean Jack Gibson, and Ivan Rodriguez. You can hear an example of his voice work here (for completeness sake, it's really not that interesting):

Ray Van Steen does the voices of Benson Cunningham, Harry Benson, two characters I don't want to spoil yet, the Narrator from the intro and the Neo Kobe Pizza Guy. Yikes.

Susan Mele does the voice work for both Jamie Seed and the fortune teller in Alton Plaza. She does, or did, a one-woman show called "Just Say Blow Me" (no, really):

Lucy Childs does the voice of Metal Gear and a female employee coming up. IMDB says Snatcher is all she's ever done, but the NY Times says otherwise.

Lynn Foosaner does the voices of Katrina Gibson, Lisa Nielsen, and the Videophone Operator. If you google her name with quotes, you only get 29 results back. I can now believe that Snatcher is the only thing she ever did.