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by Slowbeef

Part 49

Final Combat Sequence


1. The Super Insectors
Welcome to the hardest part of the game. The Snatchers unleash a new breed of Insector - one that hops around and travels in packs. The super insectors fake you out a lot and jump from one part of the grid to the other - and there's sometimes four of them at a time.

Even worse, you get stunned when you get hit and the super insectors are so fast they can combo you to death.

My advice? Don't stop shooting! Hit the C button like your life bar depends on it. Occasionally, Snatcher won't register the super insector in the grid right away, so if your first shot misses, your second shot will get it and you can move on to shooting another one.

And don't even think about using autofire, because I'll know.

2. The Snatcher Wave
This is easy as hell compared to the Super Insectors. Only thing I can tell you gameplay-wise that isn't obvious is that they never appear in the top grid.

Which is why I can't fucking believe they got me the first time I made this video. What the fuck, man?

3. Jamie
No, you don't fight Jamie.

You get a room with her silhouette. It's pretty obviously her, but I guess if you're too trigger happy, you can accidentally shoot her and it's game over.

Just keep the gun holstered and guess what? You win the game!