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Part 50

And now...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long, long haul (for me, anyway), but I present to you...




The End.

Ending Part 1
Ending Part 2




I love Snatcher. My mom got it for me for Christmas when I was 14 and it remains my favorite game of all time. I was so excited when Gillian flew off to Moscow thinking, "I can't wait for the sequel! Maybe he gets his memory back! And hopefully, they'll change Metal Gear back!"

But we never got a sequel.

It's now over a decade later and the story of Gillian Seed remains unfinished. There is one light on the horizon - Goichi Suda (Suda 51 - In Japanese, "Go" = 5 and "Ichi" = 1), the creator of Killer7 (which I'm considering for my next LP) is working on "Project S" with Hideo Kojima. Suda is, reportedly, a huge Snatcher fan. But I've been waiting for Snatcher 2 for over 10 years now - I'm not holding my breath.

This thread was a little sloppy - I apologize. I was worried that someone would spoil the major parts of it, so I wanted to complete it post-haste. Hence, accidentally wiping the images from the first page of the first thread and accidentally including the Gens window in one of the videos. (I'll fix it tonight.)

The Spoilers

There were two major spoilers that I knew beforehand would get revealed before their time. They are:

1. Benson Cunningham is a Snatcher.

How to cover that up? Well... heh heh. I removed one image. The first time you investigate the chief at the beginning of the game, you get "Seed! I'm no SNATCHER!" I felt like it was pretty much giving it away to include that image, so I showed you the one where you investigate him a second time. He says, "Why so restless, Seed?"

Then just my luck, Doran Blackdawn guesses that the Chief is a Snatcher like 3 replies later. "Crap," I thought. So I tried to defuse it humorously by having the Chief "respond" to Doran by using the "I'm no SNATCHER!" image. Seemed okay, but of course, people still spoilered it later. Oh well.

2. Random Hajile is Elijah Modnar spelled backwards.

That was a huge mindfuck for me when I first saw it at 14. How do I stop people from guessing that? It seems so obvious, too!

So I did this: I never printed the word "Modnar" in this entire LP. Not once. (Well, except now.) Unfortunately, I forgot that the game prints it when you look at the portrait. I considered not showing that image, but that would be unfair to people who genuinely could guess it.

(It also helped that one goon misspelled it "Modner." Kojima himself sort of misspells it - a scientist in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is named Petrovich Madnar.)

Of course, a ton of people got it, once they saw the potrait.

The Gimmicks

During my Darkseed 2 thread, I thought of a cute idea while outside smoking at work. So I registered a gimmick account - feebwols - to post in the Dark World. Feebwols posted like it was bad fanfiction. So obviously, for the Snatcher thread, I'd post as a Snatcher right? Well, Snatchers are supposed to act like humans, so how would goons figure it out - it would read just like slowbeef. Only post at night? (With goons in different time zones, that becomes meaningless.)

I figured the surprise I was planning was enough, so I decided I didn't need a gimmick in this thread.

Then Gillian Seed posted.

Then Random Hajile.

And Metal Gear.

And when someone registered a Benson Cunningham account, I was worried about the thread turning into a trainwreck. It didn't - you guys did phenomenal jobs. Thank you for making this thread cooler. So, cool, in fact - I was F5ing my own thread!

Then The Script posted and the thread became a metric ton of fourth-wall breaking, mindfucking awesomeness! Hideo would be proud! This thread was shaping up quite nicely, until...

I got banned.

I go to check on my thread at work and -BAM- spidercock hits me in the face... ok, that didn't come out right. (SAclopedia has it if you're curious - uh, try not to be curious. It's .) Crap.

Well, when life gives you lemons... (I wish there were a less fruity expression than that.)

I decided it was time to resurrect the snatched slowbeef idea. It really sucked. Why would the Snatchers be pleasing the humans by updating? I felt like I couldn't comment on things because I was "in character." I had to kill off 0xBEEF. This presents a problem - I had killed myself off, previously.

So, remembering my Darkseed 2 thread - I had feebwols write a banme and thus "slowbeef" was resurrected. I considered going really all out with it and photoshopping myself into a few currently running LP threads - and even considered splicing myself into the infamous "I think I will have some pie!" Harvester clip as slowbeef teleports through LP threads before getting to Darkseed 2 and resurrecting there.

But while it'd be a funny thing to do - I suck at Photoshop and it would have delayed updates for a few days. And no one wants that for sake of a one-reply joke.

Junkers of the LP

An LP thread is nothing without the people who reply to it. Well, okay, it's something - but mostly just a browser-crashing mass of images and links. The following goons, through their actions and awesomeness helped Gillian defeat the Snatchers and as such, I bestow up on them the honorary title of Junker:

Doran Blackdawn proves his Junker worth by correctly identifying the Chief as a Snatcher and for finding Napoleon the third time.
Nachobox, who reminded me about the text dump, which made parts of this LP so much easier.
bgreman, who reminded me to get shot by the insectors, which led to nanomachine silliness.
Mr. Peepers for finding Plato's Cavern.
ramseyk, for posting fan art.
Snowmanatee, for pointing out that Alton Plaza = Not LA. (All these years, and I never noticed that.)
Mead, for solving the montage puzzle.
Shazzner, for getting us out of the bill at Outer Heaven.
salad tong - who seemed to solve the Queens puzzle first.
Der Metzgermeister - first to post the Queens solution and found Snatcher HQ.
TwoDice - for cracking the hospital record code.
Semiru who correctly guessed it was the Chief and not Harry.
Get Well Gamers, who was kind enough to ask me about my court problem.
yook for the very clever line: "Oh, as if Random could be taken out by anything shy of orbital bombardment."
Lasher, who made a Wrestlemania character of Gillian Seed, but didn't post pictures. <>
SpazmasterX - Also found the Snatcher HQ.
Zorak - For a well done Snatcher DS photoshop.
Rose wood, for explaining what I was doing with the feebwols sacrifice thing.

If I missed anyone, I'll add you in.

I salute you, Junkers!

But then we have...

Ace Junkers

The following goons went above and beyond the call of duty to make this thread fun. As such, I bestow the title of "Ace Junker" on them. (That was Gibson's title - Gillian "says" it in the turbocycle on the way to the factory ruins.)

Atltais - who pretty much sorted out the tech issues I was having with this LP.
Dr. Ogeguri - who not only made Neo Kobe Pizza, but also made and bought me a banner ad! And made a fuck ton of Photoshops, etc.
Malachai who got me a platinum upgrade.

And finally, the goons who made this thread all sorts of awesome:

Gillian Seed (Zorak)
Metal Gear
Benson Cunningham
The Script
Random Hajile

If you wish to reveal yourselves (well, not Random - that's not a gimmick - it's an actual account), you may step forward and receive the title of Ace Junker. I know Random won't take it, though. He prefers a different occupation, I'd wager...

This thread is dedicated to feebwols (Nov 2006 - Dec 2006).

So, that about wraps it up-

Miss Hayasaka: Wait a minute, slowbeef! You promised these nice people a surprise!

Whoa! It's the obscure character you get if you call Konami on the videophone! You were really sucking Konami's dick there, by the way, Miss Hayasaka.

Okay gang, this is an interest check because the planned surprise is running into technical issues and means a bunch of work on my part.

The surprise is...

We're going to play Snatcher all over again!!!!!!!1111

"Wait a fucking minute! What kind of lame ass surprise is that?! We just played Snatcher! Why would we want to play it again?"

Because it's fucking awesome, that's why! ...Oh! And  we're doing the import Playstation version that was never released outside Japan. All graphics and music get a 32-bit upgrade. Subarashii desu ne? 

Should I do it (it'll be a couple weeks before I can)? At this point, I'm thinking about just torrenting the ISO so you can try it for yourselves.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed the thread. I certainly did.