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Part 8: Engineering Room

Alright, I don't know about the rest of you, but this thread ain't delivering! Let's spice things up with a big and interesting update, shall we?

Now that we're done with our mandatory exploration of Junker HQ, let's go get our cool Junker shit!

Mika: Oh good, Harry's back.
Harry: Great to meet ya. You're ah- Gillian Seed, right? Haven't we met somewhere before?
Gillian: No, I don't believe so.
Harry: Really? I guess I must be imagining things.


Okay, okay, sorry Harry.

Looking at the wall reveals there's a poster and a photograph.


This reveals the earlier comment Gillian makes about it being of a celebrity from the 20th century.



Christ, people at Junker HQ sure are sensitive about their art! Enough bullshit, gimme my robot and my gun!


I really don't understand Harry's reaction here.

Harry: I know, I know! Alright, allow me to introduce the navigator - which I designed especially for you. Hey Metal Gear! Get out here!

Metal Gear?!

Harry: Metal, introduce yourself!
Metal: Yes sir. Please to meet you, Gillian, I am Metal Gear, Mark Two! I am programmed to be your personal assistant.
Gillian: Metal Gear? That's a pretty weird name.
Mika: Oh, he's cute.
Metal: Uh... thank you.
Harry: I think he's turning red! I took his basic design and his name from the Metal Gear menace of the late 20th century. But, uh, quite unlike that Metal Gear, this one was designed for peaceful purposes.

Nice! But what about...


Harry: Oh, that's right! Don't panic yourself, I got it right here. This is your blaster, the official weapon of a Junker. It's got full user-feedback circuitry, adjusting itself to your reaction time. In other words, it's just as good as you are. What do you think? Go 'head, see how she feels.

Gillian: It's unbelievably light!
Harry: Heh heh, you bet it is! This ain't one of those rayguns the army uses. She's put together with the latest carbon polymers and ceramics - not affected by heat one bit. And her ergonomic design optimizes both functionality and firepower. Well, what do you think, Gillian?
Gillian: ...I'll take it!


[ Screenshot Missing ]


(Note: In the interest of bandwidth, all italicized conversational text is voiced. All non-italicized text is printed.)

Harry: On-site detection, analysis, recording, communications, you name it -- they're packed with it. And Metal Gear here is the latest model.
Gillian: What about an attack system? Don't they come with any weapons?
Harry: 'Fraid not. They're unarmed. After all, the main idea behind a navigator is to assist in an investigation's data management. But they do have a "SAVE" function. Just choose the "USE Metal Gear" command and then the "SAVE" command. You can record the status of your investigation that way. In the same way, you can use the "USE LIGHT" command to help you when it's too dark to see. I told ya' they were nice to have around, didn't I?
Gillian: How about communications? Does he have some kind of radio?
Harry: Yep. There's a videophone installed.
Gillian: A videophone?
Harry: That's right. Just select "USE Metal Gear" and then "USE VIDEOPHONE" to access it. In theory, you can use it anywhere, but you have to watch out for interference. Sometimes the signal just can't get through.

Why not check out the video of all you just saw and more before you read on?




Suddenly the videophone rings!

Metal: I have a videophone call from Jean-Jack Gibson. Connecting...

Gibson: Junker HQ, this is Gibson. I've cornered a probable male Snatcher. I'm in the abandoned factory in the M district. Request immediate backup.

Harry: Gillian, that means you. You better head out right away, Jean needs your help!
Metal: We must hurry. We'll use the turbocycle to travel to the scene.
Mika: Be careful, Gillian.

Metal: This is a turbocycle, specially designed for Junker use. In addition to three-wheeled ground travel, it is capable of hovering and high speed flight. The vehicle is also VTOL capable, so takeoffs and landings in narrow areas present no difficulty.
Gillian: A flying tricycle, huh? I just came in on one of those things.
Metal: We have been assigned this vehicle for use in our investigations.

Let's do this, baby!


Metal: Now departing for the abandoned factory.

Welcome to the infamous emulation-breaking lock point! This is where most games freeze up. If you do not hear music when the turbocycle starts up, your game is corrupted and will lock.

If you do...

Gillian: Ugh, my first day on the job and now this. Ace Junker Gibson has cornered a suspected Snatcher. I wonder if this guy really is a Snatcher... Guess I'll find out now if all that training really paid off.

We get a preview of one of the best tracks in the game, but Gillian talks over it. Damn. (Video later... in this post!)


The Factory Ruins - Part One


Okay, there's not terribly much interesting, but we have to examine everything before the game will let us enter. I'll only show you what's important.



????: Yearrrrgghhhh!!!!
Metal: Oh no!
Gillian: What was that?
Metal: A male scream! Perhaps something has happened to Jean-Jack!

Suddenly Metal lets out an audio alert.

Metal: Gillian, please use extreme caution. I read multiple moving objects within the factory. This could indicate the presence of Snatchers or Insectors.
Gillian: Insectors? What in the world's that?
Metal: A spider-like robot used by Snatchers as security devices. Though compact in size, they are armed with needle guns. Use extreme caution.

Alright, we gotta help Jean! Let's... ENTER.

Metal gives us one last reminder on how to shoot and how to save.


Gillian: What the-?!
Metal: It's Little John!
Gillian: Little John?
Metal: Yes! Jean-Jack Gibson's personal navigator!

We don't have time to investigate - let's get going!


Wanna know what happens next? Well, here's the deal, I've got video of the entire factory sequence including what happens next because I love Snatcher's ambience and music that much.

Watch it, and I'll see you next update!

The Factory Ruins Part One