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Bonus: Dr. Ogeguri makes Neo Kobe Pizza

Ok it's time to report back with my experience for Neo Kobe Pizza.

First off I ran to the local corner store and grabbed some Progresso. I would've went for Tomato Soup or Creamed Mushroom, but that would be too easy. So I went for Chicken Soup.

Yet for the pizza, I was too lazy to make it myself and called it in to Plato's Cavern to make one for me. It takes 10 minutes to make and deliver so it's nice and fresh.

While we wait lets open this sucker up.

And put it in a pot.

That soup is too cold to enjoy.

So we'll throw it on high.

And let it boil.

Oh yeah that's really hot now.

Ok the soup looks done so I'll shut it off.

Then I'll put it in this large bowl that should be deep enough for the pizza.

They should be here within the next 2 minutes so I'll browse the forums.

Hey they came a minute earlier than expected.

Ok here comes the moment of truth.

Aww man the bowl wasn't big enough. Still it's got a good amount of the pizza in there.

The pizza started spinning on it's own after a few seconds so I guess that's the cue.

Eww...it's all soggy. But how does it taste?

It tastes fucking great. The chicken noodle soup ads more flavor to my pizza even if it's soggy. Plus having the noodles, vegetables, and chicken stuck on the slice made it taste even better.

I'm going back in for seconds.

Well I may have not had a deep enough bowl to get the full experience, but this tastes fucking fantastic. I'll finish the rest of my pizza this way while you goons enjoy my post.

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