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Part 5: Theory to Practice

Part 5: Theory to Practice

We have now completely mapped half the game. The first eight quadrants are all connected to each other and the only way to leave them is by flying east from Purple Quadrant into Cobalt.

The fastest route I can build from what we've seen, then, is this:

We have a plan. But we've been missing out on something lately: the part where I suffer for your amusement. Let's fix that!


Here's the first half of our "real" Solaris run. It's almost 20 minutes on its own, and the total capture time was nearly twice that thanks to needing to reset a ton.

The main highlights on that are in Lime quadrant, where I take out the Cobra Fleet, figure I don't need to save before taking on the Flagship fleet next to it, die, restore, and spend four minutes unable to repeat my initial trivial blast-through.

The most interesting cut content—probably more interesting than the "successful" run, really—is my attempt to get to the Cobalt Quadrant Federation planet to refuel and repair. Cobalt Quadrant introduces an absolutely massive difficulty spike. There's quite a bit of time where the game seems to have noticed that I haven't died in a while and is just in maximum mode.