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Original Thread: Let's Play SONIC



Official Sonic Thread Twitter (Also Official Point of No Return on the gayness scale)

Hi. This is a Let's Play of Sonic the Hedgehog. I'll be starting with Sonic 1, if people like it I'll play the rest of the games. I'm trying to be informative while at least moderately entertaining. This probably isn't gonna be the funniest LP ever but you might learn a thing or two about Sonic. I'll try and maintain a somewhat regular update schedule, a video every couple of days week few months or so. I hope you like it.

Edit: I might as well put this in the OP now,

Cybershell posted:

Some people were asking if I was gonna play CD, 3D Blast, Spinball, etc. MY CURRENT PLANS ONLY EXTEND UP TO SONIC 3 & KNUCKLES, meaning I simply don't know if I'm gonna LP them. I might, I might not, we'll see at the end of Sonic 3&K. So by all means if you wanna LP any of these games go right ahead, don't let the fact I am playing Sonic games lock you of from LPing any of the other games in the series. Hell you can LP Sonic 1, 2, 3&K if you want, I'm not gonna stop you, it's not like I'm the first to play through these.

I'll be using viddler as my primary host and GameVee as my alternate host.GameVee is gone forever, YouTube is now my only alternate host. You can download the source video from the viddler page. One thing to note about YouTube is that it doesn't support 60 FPS, so shields will look kind of weird and certain things like the chaos emeralds at the end of a special zone may appear invisible since they flash by disappearing every other frame. On YouTube some videos are two parts, I'll be linking to the first part and trust you can find the second part on your own.

Disclaimer: The Knuckles run is meant to be watched after you finish watching through the main Sonic playthrough, not concurrently, I mean I guess you could if you wanted to but I didn't intend it to be like that.



- SegaSonic the Hedgehog - Kung Fu Jesus
- Sonic Pocket Adventure - Oxyclean
- Sonic 1 Easy Mode - Docfuture -------- By far the best video this thread has spawned (mirrored on Rirse's account)
- Choose Your Own Let's Play - Me, I lied. Sorry.
- No hit run of Metropolis Zone - pokecapn
- No hit run of Metropolis as Knuckles - Clavius
- Sonic 2 & Knuckles Trick Run - Clavius
- Acoustic Version of Sonic Boom - Rin
- A Tribute - CrumblingCenturion
- What This LP would be like with guest commentators


DarthBlingBling posted:

by DarthBlingBling

Green Hill Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube
Bridge Zone - Hosted | Viddler | YouTube | Download
Jungle Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube
Labyrinth Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube
Scrap Brain Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube
Sky Base Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube

by DarthBlingBling

Under Ground Zone - Viddler | YouTube
Underground Zone DIGITALLY RE-MASTERED - Hosted (the original is pretty poor)
Sky High Zone - Viddler | YouTube
Aqua Lake Zone - Viddler | YouTube
Green Hills Zone - Viddler | YouTube
Gimmick Mountain Zone - Viddler | YouTube
Scrambled Egg Zone - Viddler | YouTube
Crystal Egg Zone - Viddler | YouTube

by DarthBlingBling

Turquoise Hill - Viddler | Download | YouTube
Giga(lo)polis Zone - Viddler | Download | YouTube
Sleeping Egg Zone - Viddler | Download | YouTube
Mecha Green Hill Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube
Aqua Planet Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube
Electric Egg Zone - Hosted | Viddler | Download | YouTube

by Liku

Great Turquoise Zone - Viddler
Sunset Park - Viddler
Meta Junglira - Viddler
Robotnik Winter - Viddler
Tidal Plant - Viddler
Atomic Destroyer - Viddler

Bonus video showing off Tails - Viddler

By Killhour

Zone 1 Act 1

(I'm afraid I can't take any credit for this, but it is indeed the greatest video ever)

Rin posted:

Character Profiles
Youtube Viddler

Stage 1: Gimmicks Gadgets
Youtube Viddler

Stage 1: Cutscene and Act 1
Youtube Viddler

Pretty image links coming soon (hopefully)

Apologies for cutting these into short chunks. I'm basically using this LP as an excuse to teach myself video editing, which I have no prior experience in. It's easiest for me to make it in short bits like this. Once each stage is finished I'll combine it and offer the whole stage and related videos as one video.


Yay more LP videos. It's been a crazy busy week for me hence the quietness, but I have a few goodies to offer. Given said busy-ness I have only had time to really clean up some older arrangements which luckily fulfill requests for you guys Hopefully I'll be able to sit down and write some new ones but I don't think that'll be happening any time soon. I'll fill as many requests as I can, but I don't intend on making promises I can't keep So no one feel left out if I skip a few, it just depends on which is a) Most Appealing or/and b) Easier To Do (given schedule with work).

I'm also considering THIS the master post. So Cybershell can feel free to feature this in the OP or not, (heh looks like i already didddd) but this is the current list of all the tracks done just for the LP. There are some new tracks in this post, and if I do any more for the thread I'll be sure to list them here as well. Huge post is huge. This is my gift to all of you, about 80% of my Sonic section of my Logic Arrangements folder and about 5 years of my life in one hit.

ZONE: Scrap Brain
Oh wow, I remember hitting the chaos and horror of Scrap Brain after Starlight as a kid. It was the endgame, the music was epic, the zone was horrifying in that everything there was made to kill you.

ZONE: Green Hill
It's the same as Sonic on the Mega Drive melody wise. But hey, an old favorite

ZONE: Bridge
Everyone loves this zone song, and it VERY pretty and upbeat. Given that the zone has falling bridges and bottomless pit traps...

ZONE: Jungle
Probably my least-liked song from the Game Gear era. For a song about the jungle it's very Caribbean in the vibe which is why we have a steel drum in there

ZONE: Labyrinth
Easily the most awesome ambient/real-instrument song out of all of these. All Jazz, all the way. We have saxaphones and horns all over the place. Plus a marimba.

ZONE: Scrap Brain
Probably the most complex song out of all the ones done asides from Labyrinth Zone. 100% synth, with a little favorite called Water Bell which gives off a very eerie resonance that bounces across the speakers in the chorus.

ZONE: Sky Base
Shortest song loop ever for such an epic stage! I feel like I've been gipped. Regardless, 100% synths again and one awesome drum kit called Ghost Town.

BOSS: Robotnik Swing
Another jazzy number. Kinda emphasizes on how much of a joke most of the bosses are in this game

The End
Green hill + original riff either side.

ZONE: Emerald Hill
Obligatory starting green stage. Named Emerald Hill because you can get all the Chaos Emeralds in the zone. Yay! Always had a soft spot for the melody of this.

ZONE: Chemical Plant
Fulfilling request numero uno! Have fun

ZONE: Aquatic Ruin
The song I remember most from Sonic 2 as a kid. This was also one of my first big breakthroughs with Logic Express back when I was using only that and a few Jam Packs, at least my first breakthrough in Sonic stuff.

ZONE: Casino Night
Do de do do do

ZONE: Hill Top
Love hate relationship with this tune. It's from such a ... mediocre level, but the song is actually fairly catchy it's self.

ZONE: Mystic Cave
Always a fun tune to play around with. Nice and heavy with a side of creepy and crunchy. Pianet is such an awesome instrument preset. This is very grungy and heavy. I'm rather fond of it.

ZONE: Hidden Palace
The lost zone

ZONE: Oil Ocean
Always had a soft spot for this song too, given how much of a pain in the ass this level can be.

ZONE: Metropolis
By popular demand, it's METROPOLIS! Quite a fun tune. Had toooo much fun making synths do stupid shit in this.

ZONE: Sky Chase
Full of sparkles.

ZONE: Winged Fortress
Dear gods if this is the only thing you end up listening to in this post of Sonic 2 stuff then you've picked the creme of the crop. Seriously. Full orchestral recreation of sorts, the way this level was meant to have it.

ZONE: Death Egg
I could kiss the requester of this. I love this song.

BOSS: Robotnik's Symphony
I love this song. Final battle all the way.
Unexpected full soundtrack is unexpected!

ZONE: Aqua Lake
Probably my most loved track from Sonic 2 GG, from probably my most disliked zone to boot. Hahaha. This has an awesome harp-line that was a LOT of fun to jam out.

ZONE: Green Hill
This whole song should sound familiar if you've played the PAL/NTSC-J version of Sonic CD. I love this song.

ZONE: Gimmick Mountain
Most bitching track from the game, asides from Scrambled Egg Zone.

BOSS: Robotnik Rage GG
I hated this song as a kid. It always meant that damn boss with the bouncing balls and ARSIUHRGsiuxhgujg game over.

BOSS: Robotnik Rage SMS
This song is awesome at -3 or +3 transposition. But when you do that it kinda sounds like something out of Devil May Cry. If you don't believe me I'll show you.

ZONE: Mecha Greenhill
And another request. Had a bit of trouble with this one, I'm not fond of the tune myself since it seems to be trying hard to be Green Hill Zone from Sonic 2 GG (even has a riff of You Can Do Anything in this too ) but it's still not too bad.

ZONE: Sunset Park
Another request fulfilled! I hope you enjoy.

ZONE: Collision Chaos (Present)
I'm stoked this got used in the Sonic CD LP. Geeze you guys are awesome.

ZONE: Tidal Temptest (Present)
Haters of the rest-of-the-world soundtrack keep away! This is from the PAL/NTSC-J soundtrack, and it's always been a favorite of mine. Tripy, ambient, the drums add a really good spring into this song. The melody has always come across as bitter-sweet for me with the transposition changes. A big favorite.

ZONE: Wacky Workbench (Bad Future)
Heh, this was an experiment, and is easier to surmise in the IM I had before with my willing test subject

ZONE: Stardust Speedway (Bad Future)
[i]US Version. I only did it because it was OYSTER of all people to request it And I can't deny Oyster. Ohgodsthishasavoicesample

TIME ATTACK: Little Planet
What can I say, a very overlooked and very awesome song from the JP/EU OST. Plus, it has birds

ISLAND: Poloy Forest
Apt since the Tails' Adventure LP has started. This has always had a ethnic sound to it, that... island-y kinda. Yeah. You all know what I mean.

POWERHOUSE: Steampunk Clockwork
MACHINE: Gear Panic
SHOWDOWN: Launch Base v2.0
Pretty much a pack of three of the, IMO, best songs from the game. Lava Powerhouse, The Machine, and The Showdown. These are older arrangements, but they still sound okay. I'm picky, alright, I tend to work files over the case of years and re-tweak them. These originally came from Melody for me, so they're about 5 years old already, and Logic wise these were briefly touched about 4 months ago.

ZONE: Angel Island
I have a serious soft spot for this song. I loathe the Brawl lets-turn-it-into-some-squelchy-rock-fest version, I like this song being a bit more down to earth. Crunchy bass, lots of percussion, and a sexy steel drum.

ZONE: Hydrocity
Groovin'. I love this song. Another request!

ZONE: Marble Garden
KaCHING, another request done. I personally prefer Act 2 music, but at the same time Act 1 with it's choppy bass is the most memorable of that horribly long stage. The bass is what makes this song, it's quite simplistic, and I like it that way.

ZONE: Carnival Night
Mother. Fucking. Barrel.

ZONE: Launch Base
Worlds most bitchin' bass line. Well, it's at least pretty awesome.

BOSS: Final
Well it's only final if you didn't have Sonic and Knuckles, or you were playing through as Knuckles since he gets the pleasure of fighting this bastard.

ZONE: Lava Reef
Another request! I didn't originally intend to make it match my previous Hidden Palace arrangement, it just kind of happened . If anything I think it works well. Underground in this ancient volcano that leads into a small deathtrap and then the palace of the guardians.
Yeah, that works for me.

ZONE: Hidden Palace
This one had a personal challenge. Do this song with a whopping single synth, the rest of the instruments excluding the drums and the bass had to come from the World Music Jam Pack. I think I succeeded very well in this. Chinese Ehru Violin really ties this together.

BOSS: Doomsday
Starts out at the normal tempo, then speeds up into how I like it. The bassline of this was way too fun to do, using an old-school synth that is like a lot of basses used in Mega Drive games. Driving synths, cacophony of synths. Bring it.

ZONE: Green Grove
Something about this song... just grabs me. It's different from the other GREEN zone songs and I like it.

ZONE: Panic Puppet
I suppose if we're being technical this should belong it it's own Sonic Adventure section since it's practically that mix of it, but none-the-less it came from here FIRST.

BOSS: Variation I
Good ol' Flickies Island. I loved the boss songs from this so much. Richard Jaqueswhatshisface did a good job at boss music on the Saturn version, but none of it held a candle to the Mega Drive versions, I'm sorry.

BOSS: Variation II
And part II. I always loved this one more. I just remember this music and the Rusty Ruins boss with the paws from the ancient statue trying to crush you.

BOSS: Epitome of a God
Sonic Advance final battle. Such an incredibly monotonous song. So incredibly awesome. Fray requested it.

ZONE: Ocean Base
I have a soft spot for a few of the songs from Advance era.

Sonic Advance 3's true final boss music. This is just TOO much fun. I've had it sitting around for a while, and Fray Joker has the original bounce of this file when it was sort of sitting at 70% happy-in-my-mind mode. This is distorted and heavy and all over the place chaotic.

BOSS: Vela Nova II
The first half of this fight's music is ... okay. It only gets fun when it hits this part :dance:

BOSS: Bomber Barbara
This is basically an instrumental version that COULD have vocals if someone felt the need to try and belt them out. Not that you can understand 99% of them.

Let me know if any links aren't working, but otherwise enjoy!


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